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First things first, I just like to write. I have this sort of weird dynamic with it wherein half the time I hate it, the other half I love it and I just fuck over proofreading altogether. I probably end up hating it so much because I can never win but still, writing is fun! I find it so 'cause I'm no good at a lot of things and have no real talent for stuff but I enjoy creative writing and fiction and reading poetry and succumbing to delusions like telling myself that I can write. Before I scurry off to try and get something decent out, I'd like to say I don't like big words that don't fit in everyday language and exist only for stuff like "(word in question here) there's a word like that? Who even uses that?"

I'm also not a big fan of writing stories so heavily plotted and with all that drama because I'm no good at that. Maybe just a little bit of the latter but not so much. I just get ideas every now and again and put them down on paper or something for me to write about later. So please, if you don't like the way I do things I suggest you take things elsewhere than bother yourself by sticking around...otherwise, welcome and enjoy reading, I guess!