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Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent is the winner of the 2002 Golden Quill Award in the Romance category! AFTERWORD: SIX MONTHS AFTER 9/11 now posted. (Follow-up to Psychic Serpent--it's listed as chapter 34 under that fic.) The url next to "homepage" is actually the link to my Schnoogle author page, where you can find the Psychic Serpent sequel: Harry Potter and the Time of Good Intentions (or: The Last Temptation of Harry Potter), the third part of the trilogy, The Triangle Prophecy, and the prequel, The Lost Generation. I recommend reading the fics on Schnoogle, since those files have the formatting I intended ( strips out blockquotes, among other things) and there are also links to MIDI files with music that goes along with the story, and sometimes also links to fan art. You can also read correctly formatted files with these links on the Psychic_Serpent Yahoo group: http:///group/Psychic_Serpent . If you prefer msn groups, I have a page there that links to the files as well: http:///PsychicSerpent .