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Jamie Mercer, awesome name huh? Yeah, I thought so too...thats why it sucks that its not my real name. No, Jamie Mercer is just a character I have been writing about since I was twelve. She is also known as the lead female character to my series called 'THE UNKNOWN TITLE'. Yeah, I know its sad that I have been writing this series for about three years and still have no idea as to what I am going to call it, but I will know when I finish. I guess we shall see huh? Well maybe when I finally finish the first book (you know, edit and copyright it) I may post it up here. But then again I have no idea cause I want to get it published...

Anyway please I am litterally on my hands and knees (oh get your god blessed head out of the gutter, Sarah! you are such a perv!) begging you to not take any of my stories because: A) My plots will get you no where and B) I will haunt you in your dreams! Yeah, bet you didn't see that coming did you! (Sarah! Seriously I know what you are thinking and I mean it! GET YOUR FILTHY HEAD OUT THE GUTTER!).

If you haven't realised by now either I am A)Phsyco...wich is a HUGE possibility or B) Have a friend named Sarah reading over my shoulder, and she won't stop making perverted jokes...yeah I think the answer is A & B.

So...if I ever get 'THE UNKNOWN TITLE' series published I am hoping that it will become bigger than Twilight, wich I must say I am not that interested in. I mean, I have nothing against it...but seriously how are you going to be inlove with your best friend (Jacob and Bella) then fall inlove with their daughter (Jacob and Renesme). And don't even PM me if you are going to try and argue about this because A) I most likely will not respond; B) If I do perchance respond I won't give up my point; and C) We are all entitled to our own opinions...and I really just don't like Twilight.


My name is...did you really think I would tell you?!

I am a very random person

I love my best-friends (Nicole always...Sarah...sorry doll but not at the moment, you're pissing me off!)

I call anyone and everyone doll/hun so don't get freaked if I answer a PM and call you that. Don't worry I have no crush on you, and I am not Lesbo (Though I have nothing against bisexuals,gay people, or lesbos)

Don't fuss me out if I ask you if you are gay because unless I tell you otherwise I probably mean are you Happy?

I have 2 step brother, and one step sis.

I have three neices and nephews who I adore and spoil to death (AND NO BRO YOU CAN NOT STOP ME FROM SPOILING MY ONLY NEICE!)

I am really random (yeah I know I have said that already...but I wanna get the point across)

I am about to murder Sarah (Told you she was annoying me...but sadly I could never really hurt her...adn it has nothing to do with her karte lessons...or does it? No? I thought not!)

I like hearts, squigly lines and whatever these : are called...colon right?

I want to make a webs site for my stories...but I am to lazy. Maybe I will when I actually have a story going good.

Absolutely inlove with the band Stiff Dylan!

Lovin Aaron Johnson!

:~E-mail me at~:

[email protected]


Stiff Dylan (Hello how could you not love them?)

3 Days Grace

3 Doors Down


Papa Roach



Chris Daughtry


Stone Sour

Stiff Dylan (Just trying to get my point across...)

MANY MANY MORE TO COME...but for tonight I am going to be lazy O.K.?


Angus, Thong, & Perfect Snogging (What the hell can I say? I love Aaron Johnson!)


Alvin & The Chipmunks (They are so darn cute!)

Cheaters Never Win reviews
I had always been told that Cheaters Never Won...the player true to the game won always.But if this was true then how come I didn't fell like I won? Why did I feel like total shit?And why the hell was I listening to the song I had always hatedFullSumInsid
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 995 - Reviews: 8 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 1/1/2010 - Published: 12/29/2009