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Sadly, I'm pretty much inactive here except for some forums. I am quite active over on FanFiction, using the same pen name. (For those who worry that fanfiction requires too much up-front knowledge, please know that I try to assume my readers know very little about my canon, and have had reviewers who didn't know the canon at all say they enjoy the works.)

I enjoy sci.fi, urban/modern fantasy, supernatural, action, adventure, all leavened with humour and character development. I'm not adverse to romance, friendship, or even outright sex be it straight, M/M, F/F or 3somes. I find them difficult to work, both as writer and reader.

I like manga- and anime-style stories, to an extent. Most of the older and best anime put the story first, the SFX and 'Rule of Cool' trope later. A lot of modern anime seems to invert this - the story is often just an excuse to bust out the SFX team. Strictly speaking only for, me a gaudy fight, lacking background, with one-dimensional characters, bristling with overpowered attacks and cliched dialog isn't going to work.

Sadly, most anime attempts at horror fall into this, and fail. Overall, I'm not much into horror - either it's poorly done and laughable, or it's effectively done and scary. Either way, it's a lose-lose for me as a reviewer, and likely for the author as well.

I don't review many stories, though I do try to write detailed reviews, not just "I like it." My reviews are usually written as I read the work, so if they contain misapprehensions, I deliberately chose not to correct when later I am shown wrong. This I feel is a benefit to the writer - the reader should get the right idea the first time. I seek to receive reviews of the same level of investment.

I don't return reviews that look like they were only written so I feel obligated to reciprocate. Sadly, this means I do not participate in review exchanges, marathons, etc. I will return reviews from those endeavors as I can. Telling me to "review via story XYZ" will not get a response - it is already implied if you write a thoughtful review.

If this makes me sound like a total bitch, so be it. It took me a year recover from review-guilt burnout, and I'd rather be a bitch on FP than not on FP at all.

Here are the forums in which I have been known to participate:

The Globe
For writers who aren't in High School, and who would like to interact with people their own age. Open to the mature and the young at heart.

The Gossip Forum (Inactive)
A place where you can get reviews. Get tips on your work, and have fun and chat.

About FictionPress: FAQ and Help for New Users (Reference Use)
Stuff I learned and may be useful to you.

(Not that I'm that old a hand at FP, mind you. However, it appears some of their technical difficulties are ones for which I can offer assistance.)

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Underground Secrecy by JulieBriand reviews
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It sparkles; a phantasmagoria of light and darkness, entrancing you, hypnotising you, until you are caught in its spell, then, like a whisper in the night, your soul is gone // Nominee for La Campanella, SkoW Best Line and now featured on Project Fiction!
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Cybers were designed to be killers - soldiers, infiltrators, and assassins - who look like teenage girls. Now that the war is long over and cybers are citizens, what sort of place can they find in human society?
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When you’re dating the devil, you gotta be careful not to get burnt.
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REMOVED. Lilith was just trying to summon a ghost to pay someone back for harassing her. She didn't expect to summon the 2nd Prince of Hell instead! And what's worse, he refuses to leave her side! Complete.
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Stolen Souls: Exit Strategy reviews
Serial work, inactive. She's 15, a bio-augmented assassin, and has no memory of her youth. Can she find herself under all the lies, peace under all the blood?
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Foster's Gambit reviews
Serial work, inactive. I could tell you my Angel tells me where to go to fight Demons and keep them from opening up Hellgates to end Life-on-Earth-as-We-Know-It, but what's the point? You either know that already, or you think I'm nuts. Or maybe both.
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