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Hey, it's me! For a little while I was just a reader, but now I've started publishing too.

Some info about me:

I'm here from I got to reading a certain type of story there, and before long had run through all the ones from works familiar to me. So finally I thought: hey, if I look for this in original fiction, I'll be able to read EVERYTHING I find. It's pretty obvious what I did next, and I'm very glad I did. (And if you look at my favorite stories, my stories, or the rest of my profile, you should be able to tell what 'certain type' I mean).

I do write creatively, but not in a usual way. I make up worlds and characters in my head, and then write scenes about them. Problem with that is, people who read the scenes may have a hard time knowing what's going on, so if I do decide to publish those on here, I'll have to think about how to deal with that.

I love to talk, so if you want to PM me for any reason, please do.

If you really feel the need to tell me that I am a horrible person, etc, then I suppose you have the freedom of speech to do this. Personally, I have never in my life hurt a real person and I never want to. I feel absolutely no guilt about the kinds of things I read, write, and like, and see no reason why I should. Millions of people watch violence, fighting, and other such things for fun, and very few people mind. I do not see why what I do for fun should be considered any more of a problem.

I really like reviews (who doesn't? :D), so I'm going to try to be one of the people with the deal. If you review something of mine, I will definitely look at your stuff, and will probably read and review at least one thing (I say probably because some kinds of stuff I just can't read, so if that's all you write, I'll have a problem).

All the best to you,


A Trip to The Office by Spankgurl reviews
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