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Hi there. My pen name is a lame anagram that is really not all that difficult to figure out, I really like tea and writing things down, and I drown in my free time (meaning I have a lot of free time. Not I enjoy the activity of drowning. Sorry.) Some completely trivial information (one day when I'm a world famous author, you can answer questions about me on Jeopardy, I guess) is as follows:

I'm sixteen, and I act sometimes like a child, generally am sadly immature, but then apparently I also act like everyone's mother. I work at a flower shop, which I think is magical, though most of the ladies and gentlemen I work with hate it. I don't see how they can. I'm a hopeless romantic in the highest, most accurate sense of the term in that I a) live vicariously through the romances of others, b) regularly fall in love with unattainable and usually foreign celebrities, c) cannot for the life of me find a decent and affectionate boy who can stand my company, and d) I can honestly see myself as a successful and kind cat lady.

I really love reading all kinds of things, and I'm a massive geek. My favorite areas of study include (but are definitely not limited to) anthropology, archaeology, dragonology, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, astrology, history (mostly ancient, but I also like the pilgrims and Ireland and Russia and such), zoology, botany, and various other things that happen to catch my attention... I think the study of medicine is fantastic. I'm a recovering anorexic, the sister of an impulsive little girl plagued by her OCD, and the daughter of an alcoholic, so that's the fuel for many of my free verses. Angsty teen writer anyone? Ugh.

I adore sharks and dinosaurs, and everything my room is unmatching. What else... I drink buckets of tea and coffee, I pretend I can do artistic things, I get awful sunburn, and I find the smell of mint calming. I have an aversion to being touched by strangers, but I (after labeling one as a friend) am strangely affectionate. I hate politics, and without fandoms I might die. I don't really have a set sense of style. I'm a walking paradox. My favorite color is green (right now), and if I get started on music, I'll write an entire other paragraph, and you don't really care that much anyways. I dance ballet (though not very well at all), and I enjoy watching movies, laying in bed (occasionally, I guess cuddling is nice... with my pillow I mean. Forever alone.), and decorating my room.

Moving on from that garbage. I write whatever pops into my head. It's often stupid and random. Okay. That's the end of that. And honestly looking at my pen name... Ugh, anagrams are my weak point (one of the many) and this is just so pathetic and lame, and oh dear. If you've read this far, I apologize profoundly, especially after you realize that reading this has given you no culture or entertainment. Sorry about that. Goodnight, good morning, I don't know.

Quick things that apply to my life:

I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. (So far most of my ships have died... Sammigale, Chester, Pleninger...)(SACKIEJAM still going strong)

God save the Queen

Live every week like Shark Week


When in doubt, pinkies up.

Tumblr is for nerding, not for thinspoing.

Wally de Backer (canmarrymenow.)

No meat, no problem. Vegetable proteins are just as nice.

Papercut. And another. And another. Reading is a dangerous hobby.

HEY FRIENDS, I'M A BALLERINA (in the loosest sense of the term ahem but I don't tell friends that)

Fun Fact, if you have in fact read all of this, your life is probably boring and you need to find something better to do with your time.

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