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Hi Guys,

I'm grateful that you are taking the time to read my profile. So first off I want to say thanks.

I am a writer or mainly fantasy stories. I don't do many one shots, so most of the stories a write are going to be longer. I want to expand and diversify my writing talents, and given time I will do so. I have many stories that I am currently working on. But for the sake of easier my life easier I will post and update on a few stories at one time.

That being said, I want to make it very clear that I jump from story to story in the writing process. If I get stuck trying to write one story, it is usually a sign that I need to set it aside temporarily. I will be working on stories that are on Fictionpress, and some that are not. It is one of the ways that I manage to work through writers block, and I apologize for any inconvenience that may cause to you readers. I am almost working on writing one story or another, so be patient and I will update.

Also, I am a full time employee, and a full time student. I will not make promises on updates. Even when I am completely sure I can keep them. As i am sure those in similar situations know, life has a way of getting in the way of one being able to keep these promises. I can promise that my updates will probably be inconsistent, but they will happen. I have never given up on a story. So be patient and I will update.

I do want to be published one day. I don't know what that means for these stories. Probably that some will stay others will not. But that is something that I felt should be said.

As I plan and write these stories might change from my initial summary.

Here are summaries of some of the stories I plan to post:

Battle Born:

Arissa Brightwood, is torn between two things; what is best for her sister and what is best for her country. Attempting to do what she thinks to be the best option to address both, she finds herself in what turns out to be, one big sticky situation. Doing all that she knows to survive, she finds herself allied with five extraordinary individuals that share the same goal as her, stopping the war: a goal that isn't as easy as it sounds. Her complications, a king that has taken an unusual interest in her, a sister that doesn't share the same beliefs as her, and the fact that a group of supernatural individuals all look to her as their leader. As if the stress of survival in the time of war wasn't enough.
-fantasy, adventure, and a little bit of romance. Might have hints of sci-fi as well.
-told in first person.

expected rating: M.

-am looking for a beta for this story-

Blood Magic:

Erin finds the world around her spiraling out of control when the ghost of her best friend enters her life. His one unspoken request turns out to be the catalyst for the life as she once knew being turned upside down. Her focus turns into revealing the man who murdered her friend and letting his soul be able to rest in peace. But he doesn't tell her the whole truth, which makes everything more complicated. And the price she has to pay is one that she could never get back; the life she once knew as normal. Her goal to help her friend move on instead throws her into a life that murder, betrayal, and black magic seem to lurk around every corner. Can Dani help her friend to move on? Can she do it without giving into the evil all around her?
-a modern fantasy. A suspenseful story, with a hint of romance on the side.
-told in multiple view points, first person.-

expected rating: T-M

-Also looking for a beta.

These are going to be the two main stories I focus on for Fictionpress at this time. If you enjoy them, or random inspiration strikes I will post more after I have finished these ones. Battle Born, at this point will be a series. When I am sure about how that is going to go, I will post more information.

till then, Please ENJOY, and have a great morning, afternoon, or night.

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