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Background as a writer:

My story creativity began when I was young, and my sister and I created adventures with our dolls. I didn't see them as dolls, but the characters each represented. After the doll phase, I have kept those characters alive, and created a trilogy of short stories with them.

After the trilogy of the doll characters, as a writer, I became dormant until 2007 or so. I'm not sure how it started, maybe as a dream or something, but I started a horror story. After seeing an image of Freddy Krueger, I made him my antagonist in that story due to his appearance being similar enough to the vague antagonist I had prior, but without getting to know the character first. This story is now in a mental graveyard.

In autumn 2007, I started a vampire story, and it remains my first story that I ever made from scratch with original characters (the only one that wasn't an "original character" has since become one). It wasn't until the year after finishing it and uploading it that I heard about the Twilight series. After hearing some things from the series, and watching the movie once it came onto DVD, I noticed similarities between my own story and Twilight. I was naturally worried that readers would notice those similarities, and say I ripped off Twilight (I found out later, in about summer 2009 or so that Twilight was first published back in 2005).

I didn't write any more stories until my spring 2009 semester of community college, when I took a Creative Writing class. In that semester, I came up with the pen name "Deena Sora Drake" (yes, the very name I have used as my username on both and I also created another story of OCs, "Unmasking of a White Knight in Black" (which you can find that I have uploaded here under perhaps a similar title). I also introduced my vampire story to them, and the feedback helped me create a new, more original version.

About June, I started having an idea to do an origin story to the main vampire protagonist. I worked on ideas until early September, when I then spent four nights writing it, then uploading it to both Facebook and deviantART. I called this story "The Heart of a Vampire."

Not long after that, I decided to create a story based on a group of movie daydreams. It became perhaps my longest story up to that point, and upon my registration to, which taught me what a fan fiction was, it became my first fan fiction. The story up to this point is my most visited on FanFiction, the "Freddy vs. Jason" fanfic, "The Mind Guardian and the Dream Predator."

I feel that ever since my Creative Writing class, I've become fully active as a writer. Though my movie daydreams give me many ideas for fan fictions, I still try to create original stories, and I've become attached to adding stories to my vampire story world.

Book tastes: I have been a fan of the Harry Potter saga, having read books 3 through 7, and owning 4 through 7 (and I have been keeping up with the movies as well). I have also liked the four-book series "The Enchanted Forest Chronicles" by Patricia C. Wrede. The books themselves are, in order, "Dealing with Dragons," "Searching for Dragons," "Calling on Dragons," and "Talking to Dragons." As much as I would like to own them, I have not been able to find them in any book store I've been to. I also enjoyed "Tyrannosaur Canyon" by Douglas Preston. In general, I like the book genres of fantasy, adventure, and science fiction.

Musical interests: I like to listen to a variety of music, particularly music from the 1980's and 1990's, with modern music behind them in terms of favor most of the time. I like a lot of rock- a range from soft rock, like Heart; to gothic rock, like Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Nightwish; to hard rock, like Disturbed, select Metallica, and Three Days Grace. I also tend to like a lot of songs from soundtracks, including select theme songs and orchestrations. I also like some country, but none of it is modern country music; mostly it's late-80's through the 90's, especially Garth Brooks. Other favorite artists include the Backstreet Boys, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Pat Benatar, Richard Marx (love his voice :3)

Movie tastes: I love my superhero movies, particularly from the Marvel and DC universes. I also like comedies, such as those with Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler. I enjoy a good adventure, fantasy, or sci-fi, too (Heh, aren't those the genres that make up a superhero movie? I just realize that). I also like a good love story, being a matchmaker type writer myself.

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July 26, 2011: Well, it's been a long time since I've used this account. I've been busy with real life interfering with my motivation for the fanfiction I completed on the sister site, but with that finally done, I was able to go back to my vampire series, which I've collectively called "Bloodline of the Tear." Within the past year and a half, I've developed another story for the series, a midquel between "The Heart of a Vampire" and the sequel I spoke of. The thing is, I've evolved quite a bit as a writer since I first wrote "Heart", with my stories becoming longer and more detailed, and so much has changed in the "Bloodline" world from the sequel I wrote as the first story in the series. As such, the sequel will be going under major reconstruction after I finish this midquel, and as of right now, I'm not sure how long this new story will be, as far as number of chapters, but we'll see. I've already uploaded the two-part prologue of the midquel, and I'll continue working on more chapters as often as I can.

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