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Hey guys hope you had an awesome Halloween. I'm unfortunately going on a long hiatus with exception to my newest story. I've been going through some stuff with college and in my personal life that have made writing a bit difficult. I probably won't update WWB or MILKMAIDS till the summer. (I know sadness, but I am having huge writers block and stuff). For WHEN WOLVES BITE/RUN/HOWL fans I am sorry to say that the story will probably not be finished. I have to go through revisions in WWH and edit WWR because of some plot things that are messed up. (See I started writing them as a freshman in high school so they're not good plot-wise and its screwing up everything now that I'm in the 3rd book). For MILKMAID fans I need some more feedback. Is that where you want it to end? What now? I'm at a loss.

Thanks guys for being so supportive and awesome I hope you all have a great time.

Don't be afraid to chat I love hearing from y'all,


Hey people who are reading this,

Name: Francheska Anazette (aka Fran)

Age: eighteen (I'm a child)

Favorite books: Anything that isn't a crappy sparkling vampire story

I do have a fanfiction account and it is the same name as my user on here. I also write slash fanfics under the name Flaming Blue Eyes on fanfic so check those out if you're interested. I have a tumblr and if you wanna follow me on there for some reason my thing is

I love reviews, and my reviewers. Love hearing from people so message me and stuff.

I also could use a beta. My grammer is terrible. If anyone wants to help out then PM me and I'll get back to you. Thanks. :D

Getting To Know Me:

-Loves Florence and the Machine, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Panic At the Disco, and instrumental epic music

-Loves reading to the point where it has kind of made me anti-social...

-Loves writing stuff.

-Wolves and snow leopards are my favorite animals

-Hate the color orange for some reason, but love blue

-I have two brothers.

-I come up with some random ideas. (cough Milkmaids cough)

-I have an obsession with Despicable Me, V for Vendetta, and Wreck it Ralph, and Meet The Robinsons

-Dr. Who, Supernatural, Being Human, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, and Harry Potter are some of my top favorite things ever.

OKAY so now my nice thing is over, and I have to go into something that is serious. If you steal my work I. Will. Hunt. You. Down. Seriously. I work hard to write this stuff for y'alls enjoyment and if you post it somewhere else without my permission I will hurt you. I like my writing but if some jack ass is gonna steal my work I am going to be fucking pissed because I work on this stuff, and I love it. I like knowing people like MY work. Not the work that I wrote that has been stolen and put on another website under someone else's name. ASK!! If you want to post it somewhere else and I may consider it, but I swear you don't and I find it...ugh I wont even go into that.

So that's all...

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The Secrets Between Us reviews
This was not a good idea. Money. This was going to end horribly like horror movie horribly. College. Hell there isn't even a word to describe how bad this was going to go. College. Money. Job. I sighed. "Well...if you're going to be living there then you want a tour before you decide?" Sam Iscariot just wanted to get through college. She didn't sign up for a former marine roommate
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End to WhenWolvesTrilogy. Every time I feel like I am free, I am forced into another cage, and put through another hell. I, Kerkeci of the Wolf Child pack, am now forced to hide who I really am in order to stay alive. Emily is out in the world, hopefully having better luck than me. Will is still trying to run a pack, and SPARROW is having too much fun stabbing me with needles.
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I carry the milk to my home and wait for our dearly hated king to pick his victim. He thinks that we are blind, but we all know what he really does in that castle. We know what he did to our Queen. One day he will pick the wrong girl, and his whole kingdom will fall. I can not wait for the day. M for adult themes
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I'm Kerkeci and my brother is a werewolf. We've been killing them for years, but now things are changing. The jerk singer that I used to adore is one of them.They know about us,the Rabids, and they won't stop till we are all dead. T to M reviews please :
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