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Hi, everybody I'm Ethan and I like to write stuff. I had some old stuff here but I removed it since it was all pretty old and from when my English was still not great, and I've been having some bad lows in my life recently so hopefully doing some writing will help me feel better. I'm also on FanFiction, writing some fandom stuff under the same name so if anyone is interested, head on over.

In Progress:

YARN: A handful of short stories about boys and being in love. This is the final book to the Untitled Saga. This one will definitely have regular updates.

So There's This Boy: I took a lot of writing liberties when it comes to this story. I have a lot of ideas constantly in my head that I can't apply to my other stories, so I decided to create Iggy and Eric and basically just throw literally everything at them and see how they would handle the situations that my other characters couldn't. It isn't a serious novel, just somewhere to put all of my extra ideas so they won't crowd my head. This is actually a re-write of a story I had once posted here, hopefully it'll call the same amount of attention as it did before!

Coming soon:

The Untitled Saga:

The Ivory and the Shade: Shane is a blogger and a lonely artist with a terrible secret, and Ivory is a novelist with a heart of gold and an awful reputation for sleeping around. Shane has loved Ivory since the beginning, and now they will figure out how to be in love together.

Winter Places: Andrew lives in a hotel and doesn't know why he feels so down, Levi is homeless and running away from something dark and terrible. After an unexpected touch of fate, the two will now find out if they can be in love with each other. Joseph and Alex are watching from the sidelines.

Spring Skies: Tyler thinks he knows what he wants from his life, but Scott thinks he knows better than he does. A spilled cup of coffee and a ruined shirt later, Scott takes it upon himself to make Tyler fall in love with him. Andrew and Levi can only give them so much advice on a subject they themselves aren't even still sure about.

Summer Days: Bryan has spent the last ten years alone and missing a part of himself he has tried to forget. Ian has spent ten years in a glass room in a hospital far away. When Ian returns to Bryan's life, they try to figure out exactly what happened that found them being pulled apart.

Autumn Sun: Alex has a big question to ask Joseph, while Joseph has doubts if they're really still in love. Travel back in time to when they met and see how these two fell in love and ended up together and the terrible truth about Joseph's family and his most difficult decision.


to be updated.

Things I Like:


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