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Hello, Hello, Hello...

All right, then. This is my rather ennui-generating profile, but I will... snore

Ahem! Anyway... Because this profile exists, inter-galactic warriors have infiltrated Earth and have planned its destruction at precisely 23:36 on the 14th of January of 2012. Mark your calendars and live life wisely.

Gender: Female (though I have been mistaken for a boy quite often. Ah, shag cuts...)

Age: 15 (One more year! Gimme my license!)

Favourite Foods: Burritos. Praise the superior entity for its creation.

Favourite Books:

Harry Potter

Percy Jackson and the Olympians


Lemony Snicket Series

Artemis Fowl

Hated Books:

Twilight Saga (Meyer, may you burn in hell forever. Resquiat In Agon!)

Wuthering Heights

The Princess Diaries

Most Vampire novels (especially those written in the influx after the Twilight boom)

More about moi

My favorite colour is black.

Iota is my favourite number.

I hates my parents for moving to the States, and leaving my Westminster behind.

I have a twin brother with a swollen cabbage for a brain.

I am, er, was a proud patron of the London Library.

I oft go by the name yama's warrior.