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Ola Amigos!! No I am not Spanish, and I only know a little bit. So I iz new here, and I just thought I try my hand at this, so the stories may be sucky!

Oh, and i also have a fanfiction account, here it is if anyone is interested:

Also, many people have different versions of Vampires and Lycanthropes/Werewolves, so I decided to let you all know my versions of these creatures.
First, Vampires:

Vampires are unnaturally beautiful, and have pale skin, and bright eyes either Red, green, Blue, or black. Someone becomes a vampire by having all there blood sucked out, then having a drop of the vampires blood into there wound. The things that harm Vampires are; Sunlight, and really any wound that would kill a human. Holy water, and crosses do not kill them, in fact, if they drink holy water, or wear a cross, they can step out in the day for a certain amount of time. They can't enter a church or say Gods name. Garlic also does not effect them. They are stronger the humans, and are faster, and have enhanced senses.

Second, Lycans:

Lycans are creatures both human and wolf. They usually have wild hair, and slightly pointed ears and teeth. They have enhanced senses, reflexes, strength, speed and agility. They can turn into a wolf, or what humans call, a 'Werewolf'. They can do this whenever they want, but are forced into either wolf or Werewolf when under a full moon. They are much harder to kill then humans and vampires, but they can be killed any ways. They don't think of themselves higher or lower then humans, and they live peacefully in packs, only a couple attacking humans and other creatures, them being, 'Lone Wolves.'

Third, Moonwolves:

Moon Wolves are what many refer to as 'Werewolves'. They have enhanced senses, and reflexes, and strength. They change during a full moon, but can also change unexpectedly if provoked immensely. Sliver does not harm them unless it comes in contact with there blood, and wolfsbane has a unknown effect on them. It either harms them, or empowers them. They are changed by some how surrviving a attack from another Moonwolf or a Lycan, and getting a bite wound from them. Though that rarely happens, cause the victims are usually killed. They lose complete control when they change, and no matter how pure or noble you are, you will still change.

Even a man pure of heart

And who say their prayers by night

May change into a wolf when the wolfbane blooms

And the Autum moon shines bright.

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