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Greetings! NANNIKO here.

I happen to have a FanFiction account as well, same username, but I'm trying to pull away from that stuff now. I want to truly test my writing skills not based off of some other persons idea and characters. Not that I don't enjoy writing FanFiction, but I want to expand my range. So, here goes!

As you can probably tell, I'm a noob to this site (which is actually affiliated with FanFiction). I have no stories at the moment, but I have many ideas :) Hopefully I'll start pumping them out soon for reviewing. Reviews, critically anal to extremely encouraging, are very helpful and I highly appreciate them. If one person has an opinion of something, there are bound to be other people with the same opinion. Therefore, every person's review actually counts for something. To me, anyway.

I have a website dedicated to my stories. Since I don't have that many stories, it's kind of empty, but there will be tonnes of updates and so on on that site. It would be nice if some people could join as members :) It's jellybeanbag . webs . com. Thanks!

Interesting Facts About Me

I live on the moon in HQ as "The Big Cheese" with marshmallow animals. I am 27 dog years and 669 gerbil days old. I have seven parents (4 moms and 3 dads). I am Elven :P My brother is Jamaican, my sister is Korean and my other brother is half Vietnamese. I am a girl. My name is Hepzibah Flurge. I have a serious phobia of walking or sitting on grass.

Only four of those eight facts are untrue. Consider each sentence as a fact XD

Story of My Life

Procrastinators unite!... Tomorrow...

Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

If you're too open minded, your brain will fall out.

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