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The police in Sepeliant, a country consisting of cities scattered across a cluster of volcanoes, are birdlike magically-generated things, created to eat people who break the law. The government collapsed years ago, but the police are still fully-functioning, travelling through the cities on cables.

Sepeliant is a violent, disease-ridden mess of a place. Getting out isn’t easy, though, because the country next door, Guatakin, sees no reason why it should accept immigrants unless they can pay their way.

Otter and Kensal are trying to save up the impossible amount they need for a permanent immigration pass to Guatakin. They’ve got no qualms about killing and stealing and doing whatever else it takes to get that money, but that means, of course, that they’re in constant danger from the police, and can’t stay in one place for long. It’s a pretty exhausting life, but they just have to hope that eventually they’ll make it out of Sepeliant for good – and preferably not by dying.

A History of the Later Getican Empire

This is a story about the complicated, protracted fall of the Roman Getican empire, and can pretty much be summed up as ‘Emma gets overexcited about things she studies at uni and starts making up fantasy worlds based on them instead of writing her essays.’

Other than that, the story’s about a woman called Kesi, a non-magic user (in a world where almost everyone can use magic) who’s brought to the imperial court to teach rhetoric to the heir to the throne, and starts trying to work her way towards getting some political power herself.

The Rays

This one is mad. Mad and deliberately confusing and seriously, seriously pretentious and basically there is no excuse for it. It was a NaNo novel last year, but I never finished it. It isn’t in chronological order; it has a ridiculous number of characters and narrators and several different settings; it wanders about haphazardly between first and third person; it features a character whose profession is ‘Metanarrative Coordinator’ and who claims to be controlling the story. It is a thing to be dreaded.

The main plotline, that threads the rest of it together, is about a library in which books that would otherwise have been lost – in many cases, were lost and then restored – are kept on a very useful but very dangerous material called dreamline, and about five librarians who stay in there over the winter to keep an eye on things while the other librarians are at home for the holidays.

The plot also concerns a place called the Lowfire Institute of Paralogy, which is full of all kinds of mad scientists, many of whom seem quite sane until you get to know them, or ask them what they’re researching.

Warnings for: stingrays, people who dance on top of trucks, art historians, grocers, caffeine addicts, postmodernism, use of the word ‘scintillating’.


Kilburn was fifteen when she met Aurea, and she had no idea that this was going to ruin her life.

They wanted to change the world, and - against all odds - they did. That was supposed to be the end of the story. She was supposed to die in the heat of battle, fighting for what she believed in, or to save Aurea's life, or - and this was never going to happen, but a girl can dream - even in Aurea's arms. It was supposed to be all about fire and blood.

Now, sitting in prison, waiting for a cold, quiet, almost boring death, there isn't much to do but write to the last person on earth she should want to talk to.

Mostly made up of letters between them - the first one being the last one Kilburn wrote, after the revolution happened, shortly before her execution, although there might be other bits and pieces as well.

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Letters between Kilburn and Aurea who started a revolution together. Now the revolution's over, and Kilburn is going to be executed. Letters start at the end of the story and move backwards and forwards through it.
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