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Hello all! My name is Rachael. You may call me Tina. (just kidding...that would be a little weird) I'm a sophomore this year and personally cannot wait to finally get out of school. But this is really boring and makes me sound like an idiot.

Okay, so my passion is writing and (as weird as it sounds) Television Production. Both are something I want to do as a career...just have to find that right college. Again, I'm sounding really boring. Please, forgive me.

When I write, I completely lose myself. I have no idea what's going on around me, and five hours can pass before I ever realize that I hadn't been paying attention. It's something I tend to do when I'm upset or...not. Used to be, my writing style was typical of my age (at least I think)-I tended to have that fantasy world where everyone loves everyone and blah blah blah. Lately, I've been trying really hard to move away from that and into a more mature writing style. Some of the stuff I post on here, though, will be from, like, five years ago and I haven't looked at it in forever.

One thing you should know about me is that I'm a very abrasive person. I'm loud, I'm obnoxious, I'm sarcastic, and I don't really think about other people's feelings when I say something. I make myself out to be a bad person, but I figure it's better for people to know the bad and care enough to find out about the good. (did I mention I'm a hopeless optimist?)

More about me as a person...I love anime. With a passion. I know, it makes me sound like some rabid fangirl, but I'm really not. It's just a really cool genre and fits my personality. My favorites are Elfen Lied, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Azumanga Daioh(which I loved the manga of as well).

One thing I like more than anime (and chocolate) is books, of course. I read about a dozen a minute, or I did until this year where all of my teachers decided that Rachael needs no life. (it's a miracle I have time for this). Love Harry Potter, decent about Twilight(s'not as good with all of the fangirls screaming about it). And there are too many other books than I can name that I love.

Music is the most important thing in my writing besides the words. It's my muse. As is the band, Muse, Green Day, The Veronicas, Ok Go, Evanescence, AFI, the Birthday Massacre, Paramore, Fall Out Boy...the list goes on and on. Just...don't come to me saying you want me to listen to anything like the...JONAS BROTHERS (dramatic music)

Wow. I say a lot about myself. I apologize. If you made it this far through, you get a GIANT GOLD STAR!! YAY FOR YOU!!

So...yeah. I'd really appreciate any reviews I can get to help me better my writing, as I'm working (much like most on here) to get a book published. I'd also really like a good Beta Reader. And...if you wanna tell me anything amazing, message me! :D) Much love!!

And OOH gosh, I'm so frusterated right now--I was just reading through some of my REALLY old stuff and realized how bad it was. Oh well. Posting it anyway. I'll tell you which ones are from years ago...You'll be able to tell, though, I'm sure.


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