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Another profile update.

I will review any fic you ask me to as long as it is a Smcrossover. But you must be aware that I will not just ask you for more or demand you update. I will give you a honest opinion from myself that some may mistake as a flame though its really constructive. So please be prepared when you ask for a review, ne?

Also August Sere (if you haven't read her 'Heartless: Games of the Mind' HP/SM crossover yet do so now. Its one of the rare jewels out there) and I have similar ideas about reviews... Its not quanity that I want but quality. I too would like to be told what I could do to make my stories better. So remember if you're reading and something is OOC, a plot hole, or something you just love be sure to tell me so I can continue writing better instead of being stuck in the same place. *bows* Domo arigato... Special Incentive: If you do this and add in your review something you'd like updated or a particular pairing you'll get on my 'To-do' list and the more popular it is the higher chance it has of getting done quickly.

A few warnings... First of all my works are Usagi-centered. That means the other senshi are hardly mentioned. Excluding Yotogi I'm not pairing them up with anyone in any other story. Second I don't like Mamoru or Ririna so expect it to show in my work. Third, please be patient with me. I may get an idea for a story and update it quite a bit but then seem to quit... In truth my inspiration ran out for that story. I will not quit any fanfiction I've started. Final thing I ask is for you to review. I can't get better at writing without feedback.