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Allo! I am a longtime member of FP, though I was on a several-year hiatus. My pre-teen account was Fireeye Howlsong Rainpelt, which I think is actually still active and everything but Mum and I got into a fight and I was forced to abandon it till, well...now. But a lot has changed for me and I don't want my preteen angst reputation following me, so I made a different account to start over. If you're really curious, you're welcome to check out the old one, though it will not be seeing updates. I am thinking about rewriting and finishing some of the novels I had been doing, like WANTED and umm...I can't even remember the name of the other one. Well.

I'm a manga nut. I'm in Japanese class, so I speak English with a little Japanese and Spanish thrown in to make it interesting. I like anime, too, and I'm really picky about whether I prefer manga or anime about certain series (anime for Hellsing, manga for Bleach, anime for Blood, manga for Loveless...) Ask me if you need a recommendation for manga/anime, cause I can always give you one! I read so many different genres it's crazy.

I'm also a screaming Jrock fangirl. (REITA I LOVE YOU!!)

I am NOT a Twilight fangirl. I enjoy an occasional vampire novel and I like to write stories about vampires, with a twist. None of these high-school-drama, sappy-romance, oh-kiss-me-your-fangs-are-hot stuff. I also write a lot of stuff set in Japan, so if you're curious about some cultural oddity in my stories, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to explain. Also, if I make a mistake with Japanese culture in my stories, TELL ME!

It may take me a little while to get everything that I have done posted, and get to work on the rest. I am a devoted member of clan EDUN in the game Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE and so have responsibilities there (like a portrait of the whole clan! that's 30+ people I'm working on! @.@) and buying/selling items to clannies on time. If you play, send me a PM at Akaizora, Akemi', or Akira'Akai.

Anyway. Enjoy!


The Heart of War: I took a creative writing class in high school sophomore year and this was one of my big projects. I may post a series of the tinier stories later. Anyway, Tenmei Yuki is a high school junior with a frustrating life. School is far from easy, but her problem is her family. Her father was killed in a car accident several years ago and her mother left her and her two younger siblings with her older brother. After a year she makes them move to another town to live with her and her abusive boyfriend. Yuki is used to being a mother to Ryuu and Saya, but this is another challenge altogether keeping them safe from Takashi's drunken rages, and Saya is ill. When an MRI finds the source of her health problems, Yuki's life threatens to crumble beneath her feet.

Deficit ~Yobun na Gekisaka~: Asukai Kazuki is a semi-typical kid at Nara College. He works part-time at a grocery store, has average grades, and lives in a dilapidated guest house not far from campus. What people don't know is why he is so quiet. He is a Defect, one of the most hated people in modern society, but thankfully this genetic disorder is invisible to the naked eye. Kazuki, and everyone like him, have a specific deficit: Their bodies cannot manufacture blood. Due to superstition, common belief has morphed an unfortunate disability into horrid proportions and defects are forced to live like criminals to avoid being murdered. When he finds a kindred spirit, life begins to tilt out of control and Kazuki is drawn into a conspiracy of epic proportions. (This is a one-shot, but it is set in a longer story I haven't exactly written yet. When I get the time I will continue it.)

Coming Soon!

Aozora, Akai Kaiyou: The battle of Kawanakajima is one in the only recorded war between daimyo that history does not know the reason. The truth is that when Izanami and Izanagi created The Land of the Rising Sun, they also created kyuketsuki. These otherworldly creatures feast not on meat, but on blood, and this is the war that determined whether they spread across the land or were trapped in their territory. When the orphan Akemi, daughter of a fearless samurai and sole operator of his dojo, helps an urchin accused of vampirism, she finds something to live for, only to find her life is not controlled only by herself. (Already written, but I need to edit it into a good FP format. Also in the process of planning and writing and prequel and sequel, and of lengthening this book, as it was written as a pseudo-short story for an English II H project.)

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Deficit Yobun na Gekisaka
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