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I was pointed to this site by a friend-- around 2009 don't know the actual date and don't know how to check -- and it caught my imagination like a wildfire on dry savannah. I love this site. So many good stories, so many original ideas, so much simple creativity. I try to review, when I have the free time.

As a warning to readers, I do tend to write in detail. My chapters have a tendency to be on the far side of 2,000 words, so if you are one of those people who like little detail, beware. I am the duke of detail. I will never be king, though. Robert Jordan holds that title. Also, I do not update in any sort of pattern. I do when the inspiration strikes.

Facts about me:

Live in Western Washington

I read books. Quite a lot. My favorite authors are Robert Jordan, Orson Scott Card, and J.K. Rowling. (NOT Stephanie Meyer or Christopher Paolini)

My vision of my future since I was nine: Author. I've only been serious about it for a year or so, but now I know my destiny. Definitely writer of some sort. Everyone says my writing is in depth. It's pretty much my only talent, but hey, I ain't complaining bout that much.

I try to review occasionally and as well as honestly as possible, but meh, I'm only one guy... Plus I've recently been veeeery busy.

I do some RPing at the Melting Pot Tavern forum, in the fiction category, fantasy genera.

Also, I am a moderator at the Playground of Chaos.

And to those who are checking this who have never seen this site, I suggest two things.

1. Review and leave what you think. Please, I need feedback, and you can do an anonymous review without having an account. Keep in mind that this version is a draft that's frequently updated and worked on. It's not perfect. But I'm trying to fix that :D

2. Look around! This site rocks, so many original short stories! And some really good poetry too. Seriously, check out a couple of my favorite stories and authors on this site. Then look around, just cuz I haven't seen it and liked it yet doesn't mean it's not good.

Friday, January 13th, 2012

I have recently decided that I am indeed meant to be an author. So from now on, I'm going to be updating my central story more, and in greatest likelihood I am going to put several small things up. Writing excercises, experiments with types of characters, just things that I'll be doing on the computer now (I've papered the walls of my room enough) and might as well put up here if there's a chance I'll get feedback on them.

That criticism would be GREATLY appreciated. Even something little, like grammar errors if I make them. Also, if anyone would like to offer to beta read for me, I'd like that even more. Looking for one.

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Everything and Everybody reviews
What is the being that plagues life and sneers at death? A short piece of a king who's kingdom is crumbling, who's people have come knocking on his door screaming for his head, a king who's only comfort left is to ask questions of a mirror that will answer all questions. But some questions should not be answered.
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I write for a raven haired girl who has passed on. This is an old writing that I did of that transition.
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