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After a long hiatus from fictional writing, I've come here with a mission. I hope to find and read the best stories this site has to offer, and provide their authors with criticism if they are anything but perfect. I hope to give the readers here a chance to read my works as well, and expect the harsh but constructive criticism from others that I provide for them. I hope that my works will give those who seek higher standards than those normally presented here a revitalizing breath of fresh air; for those who are more novice in their writings, perhaps they can learn a thing or two from one who (admittedly conceitedly) calls himself a veteran.

My favorite genre is horror; one that is abused shamelessly on this site. It is a hard genre to write for, one that I am still trying to understand. I feel that I have the proper set of tools to evaluate works of horror. It is only because I turn these tools on myself and discover inadequacies that I have not yet uploaded any of my work. After all, I am still recovering from a lengthy break from writing, and coaxing my muse back to my side is a lengthy procedure.

As far as personal information, I'll tell you that I am a history major with a BA who lives in southern Illinois (is it any wonder that I found the world of fiction a suitable escape?), and that I have a number of literally-inclined siblings. And I love reading amateur manuscripts. If I read your story and post a scathing review, do not worry; I am an amateur as well, and it is only because I feel that perfection is within reach that I spend my time evaluating your work and providing criticism.

Perhaps we'll meet here, and you can provide me with valuable criticism as well. Unfortunately, it will be some time before I have a work that I feel should represent me here in this unforgiving place.

Write on, and feel free to ask for my reviews. My ego is always welcoming inflation.



It is my firm belief that being well-read is the secret to good writing. Reading any lengthy work will influence your writing; there is no way around it. And this influence need not be thematic or genre-specific; one need not worry that after reading Lewis or Tolkein, your writings will be rooted in fantasy. In fact, it is usually based in technique. If you read Dean Koontz, you will write like Dean Koontz. If you read Lovecraft, you will begin to write more patiently, with longer, more articulate sentences and longer paragraphs. As I look at my older works, I can guess at the greatest influences based on the style present.

Eventually, after years of working at it, a writer can develop their own style. Likely this will be an amalgam of all the influencing authors' styles.

Currently, my work is influenced by a number of authors. Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft share similar styles, and I have in some ways emulated their techniques. Other influences include Dean Koontz, Philip K. Dick, and Harlan Ellison (thematically, at least).

I tend to write in bursts, staying up late multiple nights in a row as my muse forces me to toil. Other nights, my muse is notably absent, in which case I don't bother even sitting at my keyboard: the thought of wrestling with writer's block wearies me.

Some of my best writing goes into my reviews and critiques; I find that the eloquence of word that I use serves not only to lend credibility to my suggestions, but also as a vehicle for conveying my thoughts as I intend. My mind moves very quickly, often too quickly for me to type articulately. If I let a sentence run away from me, I end up with two semi-colons, half-a-dozen dashes, and a whole mess of commas. By adding an eloquent flare to my typing, I reign in this chaotic energy.

Also, I beseech the population of Fictionpress.com to please remember the first rule of writing: Write What You Know. I've seen a number of stories here that show how a lack of knowledge of proper terminology in a field (particularly military terminology) can destroy any suspension of reality. Please, writers: do your research!

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