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Please review my stories. I really like to know people's thoughts.

description: For your information, the name's Tedi-Medoru, no really, it is. I'm an Alaskan man hoping for a career in writing.

I'm currently writing to enhance my skills

Favorite Manga

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro- Neuro is just too cool!

Bakuman: Death Note was just too good and this one is too good as well.

Ushio and Tora: Love the Yokai of the week story line.

Toriko (Most favorite): Toriko is way too cool with his original nail punch attack! And the food just makes me too hungry!

Favorite Anime:

Powerpuff girls Z: Far better than the original.

Gurren Lagann: You know why.

Persona 4 the animation: Haven't seen the anime yet but I can tell I'll love it.

Stories I'm working on: Pick one that you think is most interesting. Email me your thoughts and maybe I'll do that story next.

Ten Worlds To Change My View: Soshi Kane has the wrong view about the world and he knows it. Unable to change his heart, Kane must find ten people who can change his world before the end of the year or else he will lose all rights to his inheritence.

Dose of Manners: Wanting to experience the life of New York, Mitsuo Terui transfers into the most prestigous school in New York. This particular school, however, isn't much different than those in Japan. The students are individuals with many quirks and eccentricities and so are the teachers.

Strange Events at Umizuo: Ever since a meteor fell on the ocean town Umizuo, there have been reports of youkai sightings, dopplegangers, and creepy twins walking the streets at night. Being the only one who can stop these events from hurting the citizens of Umizuo, Nagase Kuniki must work with the suspicious gentleman who appears at his door.

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