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Hi. If you like my name, read my work. The rest of the profile doesn't matter.

I will probably update this over time, but since I am a narcissist that hates myself, I will not delete the old and out-of-date profile because I like to reflect on who I used to be. We all go through phases. I go through a lot of them. Like this one time I wanted to be an artist. Then I discovered I couldn't draw at all. It took me until the point that I realized all my stick people were fat to see that I would never make it as an artist.

If I were setting this profile up like it was on a dating site, I would say something along the lines of: "I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. I'm not into yoga and I have half a brain," but not really because that's a bit overused. I do like that song, though. Perhaps it would go more like this: "Psycho/psychic female looking for zombies to do my bidding while I plot world domination," or maybe, "I enjoy long walks on all fours, talking about DEATH, and comparing notes for world domination." In case you haven't noticed, I'm big into world domination, but only in theory. I'm good with theory. It's the practice that I could never do. I think I'd make an excellent criminal. I could be a world-class smuggler. But fortunately my heart's not in it. I have the capacity of the mind, just not of the heart.

I love love love writing. I repeated the word love for extra emphasis, so you'd know I was serious. I'm a great poet, or at least that's what my friends say. But I favor writing stories. I have writen a couple epic poems, or the starts of ones. The problem is, I have a hard time finishing things.

I absolutely love writing song parodies. I can't sing very well, but I can compose like nobody's business, and I do a lot of parodies for the lolz. In fact, I plan on doing a line of parodies for the evulz soon.

I'm kinda selfish with my work. I don't like to share pieces that I think could have a chance at making me famous. I'm just sort of private.

I like pirates. I love water and I love sailing. I know a lot of random facts about the history of pirates. I also know a lot of random facts about sharks. They are my favorite sea animal.

I've become easier to scare as I've gotten older. My favorite movie as a child was Jaws. Now I don't like most horror films. But I do like the Scream saga. They're horror/comedy, so I'm good with them. Comedy always negates the horror for me. According to my friends, if I were in a horror movie, I would survive because I'm the main character.

My favorite genre of music is Christian, but I also love classic rock. Any song about sailing is good for me.

I write a lot of songs, but in truth I'm not a great singer. I wish I were, because I'd have it made then.

You can't trust me around your Pokemon cards. That is my one addiction: Pokemon cards.

I don't like reading/seeing/writing/hearing about sex scenes. They make me uncomfortable. I don't mind if people have sex, I just don't want the images in my head. Sex is really something you should keep to yourself. It's also really gross - you smell, you're slimey, and I'm sure there's other stuff, too. Anyway, sex is like boogers - it's fine for you to have, just don't show anyone.

On to YouTube! I absolutely adore smosh - they're pretty fun. I love Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series as well as DBZ Abridged. And recently I became a fan of Helsing Abridged, but they don't have many episodes up. I appreciate The Fine Bros because they keep me up-to-date on what my generation is doing/enjoying. And I am obsessed with "After Ever After" which is a video about 4 Disney princesses and their struggles after they married their princes. collegehumor is also pretty amusing when I'm in the mood.

If you ever meet me in real life, and we go to a movie together, make sure to pick one you've seen a thousand times. I cannot for the life of me remain silent through an entire film.

When I'm at the beach, I spend most of my time picking up coral from the beach. Swimming is fun when you have friends, but collecting coral is an obsession of mine I'm glad to have.

I'm pretty awesome. I tell you this because I have low self-esteem, and I want you to know. If I talk about how awesome I am, I'm not trying to boast or act superior. I just have emotional instability. It's okay - just pat me on the head and say, "Okay."

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