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Ok, hey im Carson aka quarterback. Im 16, Im 6"2 and now im 157 pounds (i finally gained weight). Im mexican and I speak fluent Spanish. In my downtime I chill on the internet or text like there's no tomorrow. Facebook is fun- a great time killer. I think I have some of the best friends in the world. Im not sure what the future holds, and thanks to a great friend, I have learned to trust God will get me through it all. He is my strength and he is why I am where I am. I know he will continue to bless me, even when I screw up (which is soooo often). Apparently, I apologize way too much (something brought to my attention in the past week or so) man i had no idea! Right now Im listening to music, not uncommon to see me doing that. Im looking forward to this summer so I can go wakeboarding with my friends. Over Spring break I'm going to Ocala, FL. We have family there and they mentioned Lake George?? IDK but i think thats what its called. Yeah so I might go fishing or something (joy..) not really i hate fishing with a passion. Kylie is doing better, she hasnt been sick in the past few days so hopefully she is getting better. I really dont know what else to say on my profile. Im a fan of soulja boy and taylor swift. I enjoy baseball games(ian kinsler is a friggin beast)GO RANGERS! im really hungry now.. i might add more later.

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