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Statement of Aesthetics

To me, I see art as your guts spilled out in a bloody mush of mess on the ground; no one can make sense of it but you, and that’s all that matters anyway. Art is anything that can bring that surge of emotion in the pit of your stomach, whether it’s the gut-wrenching pain of sorrow or love-sick butterflies is the call of the artist and the interpreter. Art has no responsibility; it answers to no one. To have responsibility is to have bounds and laws to obey and that only serves to limit potential.

My poetry reflects my past and present. My past is everything that has made me who I am today, and my present IS me today. On meter: meter does nothing for my poetry outside of giving me a massive brain hemorrhage. If my work comes out in meter - wonderful. If my brain doesn’t think that way on this day of the week - meter is nothing but one of the aforementioned limiting sets of rules. All of my poetry is based off things I have felt. I don’t attempt to understand what I have not encountered first hand. I think it’s a passionate expression of my life at a still point. Unmoving, and keeping it there to analyze over deeply as I do everything. Passionately - passion being good or bad, it changes with the tides. And What IS poetry? Poetry is an expression of emotion, a picture of your guts, and if it’s anything less than what you see, hear, taste, and feel, then it’s not poetry. Poetry is chocolate for your soul.