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Hey there I'm Ogrechild.

I was born in May 1988 and am very creative with a powerful imagination and love writing fan fics and orginal stories which I look forward to doing here.

Things I like to do

Watch movies/TV

Read Fantasy books and manga books.

Sing and listen to music.

Write fan fics and original stories about my kingdom Aria.

Go to college.

Hang with my sister.

Favourite movies


Spirited Away

The Cat Returns

Bridge to Terabithia


Imagine This

My Neighbour Totoro



Camp Rock

HSM 1 and 3

Big Daddy

Eight Crazy Nights.

Lilo and Stitch

Osmosis Jones.

Shrek the Third.


I love music a lot and my voice is my instrument is my voice.

My fave bands/artists are Avril Lavigne, Idina Menzel, Brian D Arcy James, Owl City, Amy Lee, the cast recordings of Shrek the Musical, Spamalot, Hairspray, Glee along with Disney artists like Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale.

I also love theatre and Broadway music too and want to get the broadway cast recording of the Little Mermaid since I love the broadway music of it.

I love it.

My fave songs from Broadway are Defying Gravity, Build A Wall, I Think I've Got You Beat, I Know It's Today, Who I'd Be, Freak Flag, You Can't Stop the Beat, Her Voice and If Only.

I am always listening to my I-Pod all the time and love listening to new music that excites me.

I love the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack too.


I love to read a lot and for me, fantasy is my forte in reading along with manga and graphic novels but manga takes slower for me to read.

My favourite books are Five Children and IT/Story of the Amulet by E.B Nesbit, A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke, Return to Labyrinth(the manga sequel to the 1986 movie Labyrinth.), the manga novel of Ponyo, Spirited Away and The Cat Returns.

I am looking forward to getting the movie novel for Shrek Forever After as I love reading novels for my favourite movies.

I also love listening to audiobooks because I'm visually impaired but still read print books.

Other Places to find me.

Fan Fiction- Look for Pricat on there as that's me and if you like my stories here, please check out my fics.

Youtube- Ogrechild 19

Deviant Art- Ogrechild21

About Me

I am a shy yet friendly human who loves to dream and wonder and write with all my heart.

I love the mystical world and my fave mystical beings would be dragons since in the Chinese Zodiac, I was born under the Year of the Dragon so I love telling people that and wear a Pilgrim necklace with a fairy mega charm and wear a Pandora bracelet.

I am visually impaired with Retinis Pigmentosa and Tunnel Vision as part of having Bardel Bidel Syndrome which is a rare syndrome along with having Diabetes Type 2 which I take care of very well with diet and dancing.

I am very shy around other people and new people or places but once I know they're okay, I'm fine.

I love writing and love Fanfiction.Net which I go on all the time.

I also have my own kingdom I created called Aria which id filled with magical beauty and wonder and darkness peopled with thousands of magical beings along with humans who are protected by the brave and noble Ogreix Warriors led by Ogre Child, my alter ego along with the Arian Knights led by her husband Jen Shui the Gold Heart Ograrian Knight.

I plan to write Aria stories here.

T.V Shows.

Glee, Chowder, W.I.T.C.H, Wizards of Waverly Place, Zeke and Luther, Aaron Stone, Charmed, Phineas and Ferb, Code Lyoko, Lilo and Stitch, Medabots, Merlin, Ace Lightning.


Aria is a secret mystical kingdom I careated a few years ago in my first year of college and since then it has grown and grown and I love my kingdom with all my heart and I hope you guys will too from reading my stories here. Aria is connected to our world by an unseen bridge but to enter, you have to believe in the mystical and the unseen along with believing in yourself.

I'm also going to introduce some of the main Arians who are in my stories and some of my Shrek/Aria crossover fics on Fanfiction.

Ogre Child (Ogro Nino in Spanish)

She is the leader of the Ogreix Warriors and loyal, fiery with a strong will but has a big heart and would do anything to help her friends and family if in danger and attacked by dark hearted Arians. She and her parents Skye and Brydon Asiba fled to Earth when she was born but placed a concealment spell on her so she would be safe growing up on Esrth but at the age of sixteen returned to Aria and became her true Arian self and defeated Nalia and the Shadow Spirits but is married to Jenora Shui and has two daughters Ami and Elora.

Her appearance is dark blue skin with dark eyes, pointy eared, slender with long tendril like dark hair but wears a suit of unbreakable, unburnable and unshockable suit of silver Ogreix Warrior armour or an navy blue kimono.

Jenora Shui/Jen

He is the Gold Heart Ograian Knight but had a hard upbringing as Nalia had nearly destroyed his family and made him her servant making him do things against the kingdom but when he first meets Ogre Child in my story Moon Knight, she brings goodness out in him especially when he betrays Nalia's order to make Ogre Child join them but he suffers the wrath of a protection spell Nalia cast but Ogre Child saves him and breaks the spell making him Nalia's servant with her Love.

He then becomes the Ograrian Knight again and helps her defeat Nalia and the Shadow Spirits and becomes leader of the Arian Knights.

He has light olive green skin, long hazel hair with hazel eyes, pointed ears and wears a suit of jet black Arian Knight armour with a gold heart crest on his armoured chest and helmet with a cape.

His Arian partner in battle is Izzard J Nassicus or Izz.

Izzard J Nassicus/Izz

He is Jen's Arian partner and best Arian friend but was adopted by Skye and Brydon as an infant Psammead because his and his sibling Bronx's parents were sucked into a strange portal when Bronx was six but he is loyal, warm hearted, protective of his friends, nervous and caring about Jen or his siblings but has the Flame of Heart Equinix which he inheirited from his family tree but he doesn't like the dark very much.

He has soft grey fur with snail like eyes, bat like ears, tubby stomached like a spider with the hands and feet of a monkey.

In most of my fan fics he and his brother Bronx J Nassicus live with me and my best friend Leah in Calvert County but I plan to write my first story on here like that.

Bronx J Nassicus

He is Izz's twin brother with brown grey fur but is quiet, secretive and very shy but has a guarded heart but has the Flame of Noble Equinix from his family tree but ia Izz's fraternal twin and has a secretive personality.

In my fics, he is my best friend Leah's Arian partner but in Aria, he is Auryn's partner and cares about her along with his and Izz's sister Yuri.

Yuri J Nassicus

She is Izz and Bronx's younger sister and was adopted by their actual birth parents but haven't told her or she hasn't figured it out.

She is very stubborn sometimes but caring and loyal and cares about her friends and brothers but has Arian magic.

She has light purple fur along with normal Psammead features.

She has a great bond with Bronx as he likes helping her with her Arian magic.




Camp Rock

Princess and the Frog


Disney Fairies

Tim Burton

Nightmare Before Christmas

Corpse Bride

Alice in Wonderland.



Spirited Away

Kiki's Delivery Service

My Neighbour Totoro

The Cat Returns



Kung Fu Panda

Father of the Pride.

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