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Me? ^_^; Lets see..I'm an nineteen year old (my god, when did I get so old? ;-; )amateur authoress and college freshman, with a passionate love of anything fantasy, anything dragon, and anything Inuyasha. ^_^ Besides writing, fantasizing about Inuyasha and coddling my pets, my other pastime/creative drive is drawing (which I do constantly and incessantly in every single one of my notebooks, to my teachers dismay). I'm also a complete romantic sap, so forgive my occasional indulgence in fluff. ^_^; Okay, so I'm not all that good a writer or a drawer yet, but, uh..I try?

No major at the moment, but I'm leaning towards biology/writing/arts. Favorite animals are the dragon (purple-scaled, of course), the cougar, and the humpback whale. And maybe bats. Not much to say description-wise; I'm 5'4, brown hair, brown eyes, and am slightly near-sighted so I wear glasses in class and when driving. ^_^;;

If you'd like to contact me for any reason (comments and constructive criticism are more than welcome, as well as any questions, etc), I can now be reached at both [email protected] and [email protected] ^_^ This should end some of the problems I've been having with emails (new sn, hurrah!); I check both on a regular basis, so you can use either one (just make sure I know from the title that its not junk mail ^_^;; ).

Current fics:

Fireflies in the Dark~ ...Good lord, I updated! O.o *falls over in exhaustion* Chapter Five is up; I'm apologize here again for the delay (and also for the roughness of some parts of it). I'm so sorry! I'm starting the next chapter right away so that this can't happen again.
(Note: This chapter is brought to you by JC Superstar, which I listened to for about five hours straight while trying to finish it. Hosanna!)

Otouto~ Despite the far-too long time between updates, I haven't given up on this! ^^; I've got the rest of it straightened out in my mind and as soon as I find a little time, I'll be writing it up (sorry for the long delay on this one). Inuyasha and Souta's brotherly relationship is just too sweet and touching for me to leave undeveloped. ^_^

My Gift~ Just a sad little oneshot. A bit too sappy in parts for its own good, but I still had fun with it. ^_^;; And yes, I know that the latest chapter in the manga contradicts parts of this, but..I read it after I wrote this. Oops. ^^;

Future fics: Not going to say much over here, because I'm always worried about someone taking my ideas (not that anyone would really want my pathetic ideas anyway, but, um..that's beside the point), but I'm playing with a few more long-term ideas right now. The one closest to being written is another Inu fic, entitled "On My Mind". I'm hoping its an original idea, I've never seen it before here at least. ^_^;;