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I am OceanMuse, the daughter of critisism and proclaimer of good stories. You probably have not heared of me, but I'm not surprised. I haven't been on here that much. But I have decided to come on here more often and view the wonderful stories FictionPress posesses.

About Me!

I am OceanMuse, but you may call m Ocean, Muse, or Pearl. Whatever suits you is fine. I enjoy to read and critisize stories made by other authors. Writing stories isn't really my forte, but that doesn't mean I know nothing about writing! I happen to know a lot, thanks to my wonderful sister, Serendipist Swan. If you need to ask me anything, go ahead!

Writing Information!

-Make sure to write original stories

-Write the most creative idea you come up with

-Do not make perfect characters (a.k.a Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus)

-Make sure your plot makes sense

-If you're having trouble coming up with character names, try looking on baby naming sites (trust me, it helps)

Story Update!

I'm going to start working on a story soon. Here's some sneek-peak information:

Title: Extreme Animal Humans

Summary: Two hundred children ranging from the age of 6 to 18 were taken from their families and genetically mutated with a animal. But when they escape, the entire security force is after them, so the children are forced to spread out across the U.S. They are left with their amazing powers: they can mutate into half human, half animal form and obtain super strength. Will their powers keep them hidden? Will they ever prove that they aren't a threat to America? Or will they be dragged back into the top secret lab and be contained forever?