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Heyy guys well my name is lynne and Im pretty much new to this site! Im always on the sister site to this and always writing for the show The Mentalist my penname over there is jisbon-sessed if ya wanna check out some of my stories and drop me a line:)

I probably never will end up posting anything here but the odd review here and there but I write almost every day. My mission for the summer when I finish my GCSEs is to have a novel written and sent off to a pulisher or the people who does that sort of stuff!

I really dont know what to say here...I love TV and my laptop a little too FF profile says alot if you really NEED to know so much about me!

Music inspires me alot and great reviews...I think many writers can often say that...well apart from the ones who dont have an account!!lol

Chat to yall soon!! xxxxxxx:D :D :)