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Author has written 8 stories for Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Romance.

I'm 15, and still in the never-ending, soul-sucking horror that is high school (I joke, it's not nearly that bad).

I love to write, and I hope to write as a career.

I prefer fantasy/sci-fi, but I can appreciate good writing of any genre.

Currently working on: Graywatcher rewrites.

Next in line: Who knows. It's all a toss up between the Necromancer, the Lady, or Changeling. And it just now occurs to me that I haven't posted anything of that last one. Interesting.

Current Stories:

Cloak of Lies (Current Working-Title "The Lady"): The story of Light and Darkness, Flame and Storm, life and death.

So totally getting a rewrite. You hear that, "The Lady?" You are getting rewritten like a bad movie script. Big fun. The description's getting a major rewrite, too. Here's a spoiler: it'll actually be true this time.

Ghost in the Machine (Formerly the Necromancer): I took the old Necromancer idea and threw it into the future. It used to be a modern-day ghost thriller, and now it's a future-day one. Pretty cool if I must say so myself.

Graywatcher: My first book. It's done now. Woo! Thanks to everyone who read it, you all rock. But I'm taking it down, and unless I get some requests, I'm not going to be putting up the new version. I'd have seventy-plus chapters to put up if I did that, and putting individual chapters up is a pain.

Shadowed Soul: Gone. Say bye to the people, Shadowed Soul.

("Bye to the people, Shadowed Soul" Har har!)

On the Making of Saints: I frankly have no idea where this came from. I just kinda fell into a trance one day for like an hour, and when I came out it was just sitting there. I know, weird. Apparently people loved it, so I'm looking into writing more on it. I am unsure of who the main character here is. So, chances of this being expanded on in the near future: negative five million. Sorry. (Note, forecast updated from negative five to negative five million. Extra sorry).

Current Writing Priority List:

1. Graywatcher Fixes

2. The Lady (Interchangeable with number 3)

3. Ghost in the Machine (Interchangeable with number 2)

4. Changeling (If I forget to ever put this up, just ignore it.

5. Random other projects

RIP: Shadowed Soul

And yes, I still put up poetry, sometimes. I try not make a habit of it. I try so very hard...

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