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Hehe! Ok, so what is there to know about me??

Well first of all I also have an account on under the pen name: CrazyRandomGirl so I would encourage you to go there if you like my stories!

Ok, so I'll tell you a few random things about myself: (updated)

Name: Alice

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5ft 4 (my 14 year old sister is almost 3 inches taller than me!).

Home: England... and yes I am very stereotypical English... I drink way to much tea, talk in a way a lot of people would find 'posh' and I live out in the country with horses and stuff.

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite food: Chicken, chocolate and waffles... oh and syrup has to go on just about EVERYTHING :D

Hobbies: Drawing (and other art related stuff), singing, writing, listening to music, making movies with my friends and watching them back obsessively (as sad at it sounds!)... and do video games count?? xD

Music: My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Lady Gaga, The Pretty Reckless, Young Guns, 30 Seconds to Mars, The All-American Rejects, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, We Are The Fallen, You Me at Six, Katy Perry... and loads more!

TV: The Vampire Diaries, Family Guy, The Secret Life of The American Teenager, basically all the kids shows (Victorious and iCarly especially)... I'm such a child :D

Movies: The Grudge, Amityville Horror, The Uninvited, Dead Silence, Final Destination... yeah I like horror movies, but I also have a weird obsession with Tim Burton movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline and Alice in Wonderland!

Now some not so random things about myself (stuff to do with writing).

1: I LOVE writing but I usually make up the stories in my head or in dreams ages before I get them down (some of my ideas have never been written down!)

2: I'm nearly ALWAYS on another planet, even in lessons! Sometimes I actually live in an imaginary world (it's pretty fun you should try it lol) and from that I get some of my best ideas.

3: I'm often inspired by music to give me ideas :)

4: Often I prefer to write darker stories because even though people would say I am an overly happy person, somehow I think up pretty depressing stories (sometimes they do have happy endings though! I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff)

Well, that's pretty much it about me!

My Characters:

Kate (Fangs): The eldest of the three sisters, Kate is very rational and always believes there's a logical explaination to everything. She craves knowlage and won't rest until she answers every question brewing in her over-active mind. She tries to be sensible but occasionally loses it and she feels a huge responsiblity for her younger sisters. Looking after two kids at only eighteen is tough! Kate struggles with her morals as a vampire; on the one hand she likes the blood to much to give up but on the other hand she would never go off on a killing spree for the sake of it or get too carried away for fear that she will feel guilty afterwards. She can be strict but can also be a bit of a push over. She has a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor, especially when dealing with Darren and she is usually the one least likely to laugh about the situation they are in.

Rebecca (Fangs): Rebecca is the goodie two shoes middle child of the family with no desire to kill what so ever. Due to her astonishing powers of empathy, she is able to feel for herself the emotional and physical feelings of those around her. Sometimes, like when she's with her boyfriend Ben, it is a good thing but it also means that she can't drink someones blood without feeling the pain for herself. Rebecca is the kindest and as she would describe it, the 'most human' of all of the sisters. She tries to live her life as normally as she can but often finds it difficult. She is a hopeless romantic and often finds herself going off into a romantic daze... what's a girl in love supposed to do?

Milly (Fangs): The weird little sister of the family, at only twelve years old, is the most dangerous of them all. Unable to control her thirst at such a young age, Milly often finds herself on the hunt for blood. In fact, the blood she wants the most just happens to be that of Rebecca's boyfriend! She is very odd, finding something as basic as a crack in the pavement the most amazing thing in the world and ends up staring at random everyday objects and trying to 'figure them out'. Not to mention she can read minds! It is clear that she is entering the 'stroppy teenager' phase as she is often very grumpy with her sisters and doesn't like to be argued with. Even though she may appear to be a psycotic vampire murderer, Milly often expresses how much she wishes she wasn't like that, only never out loud as she would not want to show it as a sign of weakness. No matter how crazy her life gets, she always has her sisters to bring her back down to earth.

Darren (Fangs): The mysterious and much older vampire who is frozen at around the age of 21. Darren can be irritating, but has the knowlage of the things that the sisters, especially Kate, so badly need to know about. He has very unique powers of teleporting and can control dreams. He is very cocky and clearly thinks a lot of himself. He's good looking and not afraid to show it, but why is he always covered in blood?


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