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Hey my name's Siobhan (sho-vawn) - it's irish - and I 'm English so I do spell some words differently. They are not wrong, they are the English spellings!

I'm not very good with profiles so here I go:

I'm slightly geeky, okay maybe a bit more than slightly. I live in my own private world (it's very interesting) and i'm quite sociable.

I love reading romance, fantasy, supernatural and historical books. A great mix. I am also on fanfiction. (My favorite books at the minute are the Sword Of Truth Series -just finished them and I am now trying to fill the void, yes I am the type of person that feels empty after reading a book - The Other Boleyn Girl and The Demons Lexicon Trilogy.

I'll write any type of story that comes to mind. Currently I have one: a fantasy/ romance story called 'Fire' it's part one of a trilogy and is about people that control Elements.

I try to return reviews but if you review me and I forget please remind me, we're all here to improve.

Note: When i update i don't often check it, the chapters come straight from my draft so any noticed mistakes will be corrected when i return/ if i'm told. Once finished i will proof read.

Kenna has to hide her power from everyone, in this totalitarian-esqe society if you are an Elementist, you're outlawed. The punishment? Death with virtually no trial. There is but one safe place: The Island of Estelle, where the ancient Elementists were banished, they are lead by the Elders, they are immortal and protect their people. She just manages to keep this secret until she meets Seth a new boy at school. Overwhelmed by new and conflicting emotions, she reveals her secret - followed by a frosty period between her and her lover.

Little does Kenna know that Seth also has a deadly secret. After revalations they are both swept up in to a world of exile and life on the run. Kenna and Seth also discover that not everyone is what they seem: who are the mysterious group called The Resistance and is the myth of Guardians true?

After numerous encounters and close encounters the pair finally make it to Estelle and unearth yet more discoveries. Torn between duty and affairs of the heart, they must choose between two very different paths. But amidst all of this lurks danger, slowly growing and one day ready to reveal itself.

A clash of Elementists with Seth and Kenna right in the middle.

I can't really think of much else to say apart from one thing: i welcome CONSTRUCTIVE comments and I'm hoping to get my trilogy published once I finish it (unlikely but i'm relentless). Oh, and my avatar is meant to be Seth Kenna just so you know (I know strange but i couldn't find another one and it keeps reminding me to add to my story). =-)

Oh and by the way, thanks for reading this truely pathetic profile and my stories (if you have).

Just a note if you wanted to know: The song Seth plays in A False Dawn and also playing in the hospital is 'Find Me' by Boyce Avenue (I love it, it's so emotional but upbeat at the same time), the second song in A False Dawn is 'Always Be' by Jimmy Eat World, =). The song playing whilst Seth and Kenna are painting is 'What The Water Gave Me' by Florence The Machine (Just because of the ending, you could imagine Kenna with her eyes closed and focusing). And now, the song that begins to play in Room 101 is 'Fire In The House Tonight' by Hard Fi (great for a club). And, i forgot to say, the song Kenna is listening to on the way to school in the first chapter is 'Free' by Twin Atlantic (love this band sooo much, seriously, check them out! And the lyrics suit the story perfectly, 'I set my body on fire so i could free.' Creepily similar.)

My Favorite ever quote: I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves - Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein)

(Yes I am the type of person that loves powerful women that do not do whatever they're told)

98 of the teenage girl population would be dead if Taylor Lautner said breathing wasn't cool. If you are in love with him, but would be laughing your butt off if he said that then copy and paste this to your profile

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All of my work belongs to me and is not to be used unless permission is given, this includes, characters, names, storylines and settings

Copyright 9th July 2010 by Siobhan Cunningham. All rights reserved.

07/10/11 - I now have 8 stories up here, woo! I'm not very good with the whole profile thing so i decided to update it. Three of them are complete, and five are in progress, i'm focusing on Fire so the others may take a while to be uploaded but don't worry, they will be finished (eventually) and i have a load of other plans written down for more stories.

07/19/11 - Sorry to say but these stories are currently on HIATUS as i want to focus on getting Fire finished because i feel so close to finishing it: The Valkyrie, Circus Blues, Hearts Entwined and By My Hand Brother. I'm also reuploading my previous chapters of Fire because the breaks have been removed.

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