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Hey everyone! My name is Chyna. I'm 22, love to write and I am currently trying to write three books. With some help and luck, I hope they can be published. If you wanna know more about me, feel free to ask. I have nothing to hide. Also a very small note, I am very terrible at grammar. Excuse that.


Beastia Lacrima- This is my first (And most deffinatly not my last) story published here. I had a lot of fun, playing around with some of the characters here. Seth being one of my favorites. Albeit he's a ass. If you would like to know more information about the story, I would love to answer your questions. This is my first shot at a Lesbian love story. So, here goes nothing. Chapter 1 is up and going! Working hard on chapter 2, trust me you will looooooove it.

Legend of Ardina- This is a story that I have been holding onto for a while. I love it to death. I wrote it while in high school, but I recently came back and fixed it up. I would LOVE feedback on his as I would like to publish this story. And as always, I will answer any question you throw at me. Excuse the small 'WTF', moment in it. I'm constanly rewriting and changeing things up. I also do like the feed back! Right now, about half of the book is being converted from first person to third person. Why? Well, I like the smoothness of third person, rather than first.

On to stuff!

You Know You Live In 2009 When You...

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When a Saloon girl named Victoria gets kidnapped by a outlaw calling himself Blackjack, she finds more than just aggravation. She finds love. However, Blackjack has a secret that even Victoria wasn't expecting. Rated T for now.
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