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MOST RECENT UPDATE: I broke the computer. I'm still saving up to get a new one aside from paying off some bills here and there, so I haven't been on this website a lot recently just due to the sole fact that I don't fully have a computer to go onto. I'll get back on when I can!

A few years back (probably more then a few), I used to be on this site quite a bit. I left because life gets in the way (as we all know) and I came back to this site for some reason. I felt compelled to come back and read some old stories that I had read when I was previously on this site--although, I don't remember my pen name at that point, so I just made a new one.

I've read some of the best stuff ever written, on this site. Usually, I tend to stick with the F/F stories. I like stories that have more then one chapter. And I like stories that have emotional, mental and physical relationships all rolled into one story.

When I review, I like to give a detailed drawn out review. I think of it this way...if the author can write as many chapters as they have and put the effort into them enough to make it detailed, then it's my responsibility to put the effort into my review of saying what I liked and what worked very well for the story! More then likely, if I didn't like the story, I wouldn't be reviewing it. I've come to realize based on this website and on (Law and Order: SVU), I am one of those people you either hate or you love based on my reviews. Most people that hate my reviews take my suggestions the wrong way. The only reason I make suggestions is because I want your story to go on longer--or I just don't want it to end. Most people that read my reviews like me and thank me for taking the time out to write a long review. But apparently, I've also made some enemies with people because I make some suggestions that they consider demotivating. That's not my intention (but when they consider your suggestion to be demotivating, they can take their story down, say bad stuff about you to other reviewers and before you know it, you're one person at war with a bunch because something was misinterpreted--all I can say to that is I've got broad shoulders, if you feel the need to bad mouth me--what ever helps you sleep at night). Any story that I do read and review is something I'd like to see more of--in short, it means I like your story! I have never bashed a writer and DO NOT INTEND TO START!

If you would prefer me to not review your story or think I'm bashing you in any way, send me a pm so I can get things cleared up--otherwise, chances are I will review your story

Any questions, feel free to drop me a PM!

Krugers and Ashes: Director's Cut by Alex J. Finn reviews
FF Mel and Steph. Student and counsellor. Lust leads them into a torrid affair filled with deceit, lies and desperate sex. Will it consume them or can love breach their barriers to end the tangled layers of adversity they have landed themselves in?
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 30 - Words: 57,382 - Reviews: 209 - Favs: 122 - Follows: 66 - Updated: 3/18/2009 - Published: 12/1/2006 - Complete