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I'm Jessie (full name Jessica).

I'm 21 years old, and I LOVE to write stories. I've written a couple short stories for school, and really got into it.

So I also love music and dance. Two of my favorite activities. I play piano and guitar, but also do tap, jazz, hip hop, and ballet. Ummm, not sure what else to say, other than I hope you enjoy my stories!

Album for A Fitting Fiancee found here.

UPDATE (Apr 19, 2013):

Dress from chapter 29 of A Proper Princess uploaded here (scroll past chapter 9 dress).

UPDATE (Oct 5, 2012):

I've never done this, but in chapter 9 of A Proper Princess, I described a dress that I loveeeee (Granted I love everything Alexander McQueen).I think I didn't do the dress justice in describing it, so click here if you would like to see the dress Lila puts on at the palace in chapter 9 of A Proper Princess.

UPDATE (6/10/12):

As of last night, I have a account! Exciting, yes? As of today, there's one chappie of one story published on about Thor/The Avengers. Same username on fanfiction as on here (jessiebo). If you want to read it, click here.


So I'm suddenly craving drawings of my characters from Liquid and I Really Do Hate You, so if there's anyone whocan draw really well and would like to do them for me, or can do the thingy where you can do it o the computer, then I would love you forever! Italked about this on my most recent chappie of I Really Do Hate You, as well as on my blog, so I think it's clear I really want these pictures! So if you have an FP account, you can PM me so we can talk about the looks of the characters, and if you don't but really like me and want to do this for me, visit my blog and it'll give instructions! Thank you so much! Oh and in case I've written new things since that post, click here to specifically go to the post about the drawings!

UPDATE: As a major breakthrough in the world of blogging (not so much, really), I've created a blog! So since my hyperlink isn't working, I'll post the link here: to view my blog concerning my stories I've written so far! Enjoy!

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Lila considered herself a regular girl. Well other than that she was royal, had married the Prince and divorced him all before graduating from high school. Not to mention that she was dating the Prince again. Otherwise, she was normal. But how normal could life be when a Lady was trying to steal the Prince and Lila's best friend was making a new one? Sequel to A Proper Princess.
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Seeley has finally found where she belongs. She has a happy family, and a great friend, and has a boyfriend in the world famous band L!qu!d. But what happens when Seeley faces a life altering decision? How will she handle the prospects? SEQUEL TO LIQUID.
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Seeley was the hated, poor girl at the elite Wills Prepatory School. L!qu!d was the world famous boy band. So what happens when Seeley gets the job as backup dancer in a L!qu!d music video? It means bitchy girls, hot guys, and too many cameras to count.
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