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I'm a newbie to the site, but I write regularly for fanfiction. I have just finished two stories, and I'm nearly done with a third...

If you really are interested in my fanfic stories, here is my profile:

I'm only 18, so my writing revolves mainly around teenagers around my age! You were warned! :p

I need a lot of motivation to keep writing, so you have to review!! It's not that hard to continue on fanfiction, but I suspect it'll be harder here because it's my own work, and I've been known to be very hard on myself. Also, people on ficpress seem to be more brutal :S. So if I don't think that the story is any good, I might delete it...I know, I'm horrible. However, if I get regular reviews, I won't ever want to delete my stories!! I've already deleted some of them!

I'm from the Caribbean, and I've been told by a couple of my readers that my writing is kind of hard to understand sometimes. So please bear with me!

I always have new ideas popping into my head, so you might see that I have a few stories up at a time.

I joined deviantart (just coz I'm bored like that) and I have a pic of Skyler and Abby up, if you want to check 'em out, this is my account:

http : / / strengthandharmonydotdeviantartdotcom (without the spaces and dots)


And please don't forget to review!! x)

my stories

Healing- Skyler is gang raped, but can he help her? Especially since it was his friends who raped her? Okie, I have decided to continue with this story! (insert fangirl squeal here) I was only going to do one more chapter, but what I had planned for that chapter kind of...exploded, for lack of a better word. The second chapter turned out to be longer than expected, so I guess I'm writing a story! Please review! I always respond to the reviews I get! (That is, I respond when I remember lol) THIS IS NOW BEING REWRITTEN AS 'SCARRED' So if you favorite this story, soon you'll get a message from me saying that you should read Scarred. There are major changes made in Scarred, and even though it is basically the same plot, the story is changing...for the better I hope!

Scarred-Skyler has been gang raped, and it's all she can do to forget that night and continue living for her little brother. But when Zack, the only other person who knows what happened to her, appears after a few months, can she allow him into her heart? THIS IS THE REWRITE TO MY OTHER STORY, HEALING. Major changes made!

Just For You-This story was written by the request of my friend XD She loves my writing and asked if I could write a story for her, and she's obsessed with Patrick Dempsey. (Hey, who isn't? ;) This story is based on Dylanne, who lives in a mental asylum because she would be regularly visited by Patrick Dempsey at night (yes, she is crazy).

Broken-This is a companion fic for Shatter by StripehChekaz and mostly tells the story of Lily Iris and how she came around to becoming an Immortal.

my poems

Do you love me now?- Suicidal, and may contain a gory scene.

my characters for 'Healing' and 'Scarred'

Skyler:petite, not taller than 5'4" Has delicate features, a small nose and plump lips, the lower lip being fuller than the one on top. She has long wavy brown hair with streaks of red, and her eyes are a dark brown which look lighter in the light. The light would also catch the gold flecks in her eyes. Her eyes are slightly slanted, like an Asian, hinting at her Asian background. Her skin isn't exactly pale, but not tanned either; it's in-between. Eighteen years old. Drawing:

http : / / strengthandharmony . deviantart . com / # / d2vxevq (without the spaces)

Zack:He is of a bigger build, broad shoulders and fit. About 6'1" in height. His skin is lightly tanned. He has dirty-blonde hair that is slightly wavy but hangs no longer than his ears. An inch or two long. His eyes are blue-green, and he has a straight-ish nose (it's been broken before, therefore kinda crooked). No facial hair. Nineteen years old.

Abby:Seventeen. Short, blonde hair with green streaks. Bright green eyes. Average size. Kinda punk-goth (or at least I strive for her to be.) Light skin. Drawing:

http : / / strengthandharmony . deviantart . com / # / d2vxhau (without the spaces)

Alex:He is a tall, imposing figure with dark black hair and dark brown eyes. He has an olive skin tone and scruffy looking. Maybe about 6'3" in height. A hard slash line for a mouth, and his nose is irreparably and noticeably crooked. Close to thirty (age is still undecided)

The gang members:1) Drew: He is around Zack's size, but a bit more heavy-set. Brown eyes and light brown hair. 2) Brandon: Blonde, hazel eyes. As tall as Alex, though of a slighter build. 3) Eddie: Black hair, hazel eyes. Shorter than Zack, but stout and heavy, like a weight-lifter. Well built. 4) Tyler: Light blonde hair, almost white, dark green eyes. Zack's build. 5) Chris: Dark skinned, black hair and dark brown eyes. Heavy set.

Jamie:Skyler's brother Short brown hair, and lighter brown eyes. He has the same nose as his sister and same shaped eyes. Seven years old.

Lisa and Taylor:Zack's sisters They both have lighter blonde hair, with bright blue eyes. Lisa is thirteen years old, Taylor is seven years old.

Teresa:Zack's mom She has white hair (premature greying of hair) with faded blue eyes. She suffers from severe panic attacks, a result of an abusive husband.

Emily:Skyler's friend Model-tall (5'9") and willowy. Long, light brown hair, and curly. Dark brown eyes. Button nose. Naturally pink lips. Early twenties, haven't decided her exact age yet.

Donna Patricks:(Dragon lady) Skyler, Emily, Abby and Zack's boss. About Emily's height with brown hair and lighter brown eyes, wears glasses. Small nose, thin lips. Mid-forties, but looks to be in her thirties (the wonders of make up). Skyler and Jamie's guardian ever since their parents died a year before. Unable to live in a bigger space, so they are all confined in a one bedroom apartment. (Hopefully I can change that asap!)

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