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Wow... a blank page on which to write.

Okay, so, starting at the beginning, I'm a cucumber - hence the name - and my Christian name is Larry. Here's some stuff about what I like, what I don't like, and other arbitrary stuff. YAY!

Likes: Science, Star Trek, Hetalia (the anime), reading and writing though only out of school, seafood, music (my favourite bands are My Chemical Romance and Muse), good grammar, geek culture, comic-book shops

Dislikes: Chocolate, English lessons, languages, emotional stuff (unless I'm writing it, of course, although I tend not to), my FictionPress friend Tuskface getting high and writing Spock + Cucumber + Spock on the inside cover of my Chemistry folder, a crime for which I shall never forgive her, use of the word "random" when you really mean "arbitrary". And trust me, ninety percent of the times you've said "random" in the past year you've meant "arbitrary". I know about these things.

Hobbies: Tennis, sprinting, listening to the same song for hours on end, staring arbitrary strangers in the eyes on trains until they get uncomfortable and look away (you should try it some time. It's fun.)

My stuff: I've published two poems, Silence and Moonlight, and The Night Watch, and the first couple of chapters of an absolute sci-fi EPIC, Corners. Coming up: a one-shot, 99 percent certain to be called "The Running Game".

Occupation: My full-time job? I'm Captain of the USS Enterprise. Yes, I said Captain. With a capital "C". Just because I'm a garden vegetable doesn't mean I can't be a respectable serving officer on-board the sweetest ship ever built... sigh - would that she were mine...

Appearance: Green

Location: Your salad bowl

You can find also me: on as caramel729cucumber and as Cucumber-girl on deviantART. Or just look in the vegetable crisper.

Favourite quote: Ford, you're turning into a penguin. Stop it. - Arthur Dent, HG2G

What I like in a story: Good grammar, good characters, a coherent plot, and an element of originality. Also, in the first person, pretty much all adverbs other than "slowly" and "quickly" are, despite what you may have been told about how sophisticated they make you sound, incredibly annoying.

What I don't like in a story: Bad grammar is literally my worst enemy. I hate it when people use more than one of any given kind of punctuation mark (e.g. !!), or more than one kind (e.g. !?), or use commas when a semi colon would do perfectly well (e.g. It's very bad grammar, I find it quite phenomenally annoying). Also cliches, Mary Sues, and too much description; it just becomes adjective/adverb overload, and that really sucks.

If you have anything to say about my stories, please tell me. Any suggestions? Feel free to PM me if you have anything to say!

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