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Age: Not legal

Birthday: Let's just say Sagittarius

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Single and loving it

Favourite Season: Spring

Religion: Kind of confused

Hobbies: Dancer for life

Defining Characteristic: Fiercely loyal

Unusual Thing: I like to eat ice cream with salt

Pet Peeves: Axe/Old Spice

Biggest Dream: Travel the world

Setting: City girl

Self-indulgence: Godiva

Weather: Hard-core raining or sunny with a slight breeze

Dream Celebrity Date: Johnny Depp

Clique: Floater

Music: Eclectic

Sport: Tennis

My Polyvore account with some outfits for some of my characters. Check it out!

Current stories:

A Princess' Preference

Claire Ayala had the perfect life. She had the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for, all the money in the world, two doting parents, and a maid that loved her so. Her best friend was even coming back from exile and what's this? A White Knight saving her from embarrassment? What more could a girl want, right? Well, until a certain Dark Knight comes bursting onto the scene and changes Claire's outlook on life. A tale of a girl growing up and making her own fairytale.

Character Pictures- Still in Progress

Dates for Dinner

Viola Hastings, twenty-two year old fashion student. Damon Richards, twenty-nine year old multi-millionaire. She was broke; he needed a non-clingy date. Enter "Dates for Dinner" a website for self-proclaimed "sugar babies" to meet their "sugar daddies." Number one rule: don't fall in love. Well, rules are broken all the time.

Character Pictures

Past Stories:

Eighteen to Life- COMPLETE

I was just your normal, run of the mill girl. There wasn't anything super extraordinary about me. I grew up in a nice suburban neighbourhood, danced most of my life, and was neither popular nor a loser. I was normal. Until the night of my eighteenth birthday, that is. Some random guys crashed my party. I was okay with it seeing as how one of the guys was the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen. Wait? Where are they taking me? Why do I have to fight? I have to have sex to save the world? FML

Getting the Girl- COMPLETE

All Will ever wanted for as long as he could remember was Miriana Rochelle, the head cheerleader and daughter of a supermodel and hit music producer, to talk to him. One chance encounter in the rain had him saving her life. Unfortunately, she never know it was he who saved her. Just when he got the courage to tell her, he made a life changing decision that would affect both of their lives. A story of a blossoming friendship becoming so much more.

Pictures of main characters!

Two Millenniums and Three Centuries to Love: DISCONTINUED

The sequel to Eighteen to life, told in daily drabbles, mostly in Addis' perspective. Addis finally got the girl of his dreams and is all set and ready to marry her. What's this? A thief trying to make off with the ring? M's old flame coming back to reclaim her? A runaway bride? A groom with cold feet? A secret about M? The road to marriage was never an easy one.

Upcoming Stories:

Diary of a Stalker: Most likely be horror or a psychological thriller. Rated T, maybe higher.

8:30-Shower using Strawberry shampoo and conditioner. 8:45-Leave shower wearing white towel. 8:50-Moisturise with cocoa butter. 9:00 Towel wet hair and brush blonde hair 100 times on each side. 9:15-Brush teeth with Crest toothpaste using blue toothbrush. 9:18-Wash face using Clinique 9:25-Leave bathroom and change into pink Hello Kitty pyjamas. What's wrong with this picture? I'm not the girl, I'm the guy watching her every move.

Tatiana Rose was the President's daughter. She was perfect, poised, every guy's dream girl and every girl's best friend, and absolutely sick of doing her duty. She craved freedom, but loved her father enough to stifle it. She was always watched at every hour of the day by her father's bodyguards. Or so she thought until she gets a letter in the mail; candid pictures of her and a creepy love letter. Her father hires a bodyguard, one to pretend to be her boyfriend. But like clichés go, they fall in love. But what does her obsessed stalker have to say about that?

The Improbable Truth of May Okina:Romance, drama, friendship, family. Rated T.

Cutting Gym, a recently signed band on their way to the top when tragedy strikes. A freak hurricane hits the Western coast of the US, taking the life of their lead singer, Meagan Antonio. The band, filled with her friends, boyfriend, and twin sister goes into mourning, never to play music again. Two years later, Amelia Antonio, the twin sister, finds a half-written application to the top music school in the country.

Determined to make her deceased sister's dream come true, she and the rest of their broken band applies and is accepted. All of their grief comes to surface once more as they meet May Okina, the star of the school. She looks, talks, acts, and even laughs like Meagan. But Meagan is dead. Or so they think until May sings. May on the other hand has exactly two years of memories, nothing more. Something brought her to the school and she's determined to find out what and why.


5/17/2011: A Princess' Preference will NOT be updated until I find a suitable beta. If you are interested in beta-ing my stories, PM me. TMATCTL is discontinued due to lack of interest.

5/20/2011: GTG Epilogue still in the works. I don't know what story I will post since GTG is done; I'll leave that up to the readers in my poll above!

5/21/2011: APP has a beta, so look out for the next exciting chapter. APP may or may not be re-written. Don't worry, the plot and characters will be the same regardless.

6/2/2011: The vote for my new story continues. Dates for Dinner seems to be winning.

6/9/2011: The vote is over. Dinner for Dates is my new story and the prologue is already up. Thanks to everyone who voted!

6/15/2011: So I was doing a routine check on my stories during this plagiarizer website thing and it seems that someone has copied my stories on LiveJournal. They've taken it down, but I don't know if I want to continue posting. So as of right now, I won't be posting and I will be taking down most of my stories. Maybe later on, I'll continue posting because I don't want to leave you guys hanging, but... it's just, you never think it's going to happen to you then it does. It just sucks. Thanks to everyone who read, reviewed, and liked my stories and sorry to leave you hanging.

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A Princess' Preference reviews
She expected her life to be a fairytale, where she, the Princess, lived happily ever after with her own knight. Only which one will she choose? The handsome White Knight of her father's tales or the dangerous Dark Knight with a wicked past?
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Getting the Girl reviews
COMPLETE She was the head cheerleader. He was just some nerdy nobody. They should never have met. One single act of bravery and kindness changes both of their fates, transforming them into people they were meant to be.
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Eighteen to Life reviews
I was supposed to be having the time of my life; partying it up with my friends, after all I had just turned eighteen. Is that what I got? No, I had to save the world. FML Rated just to be safe. COMPLETE and SEQUEL UP
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Drama/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 115 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 6/15/2011 - Published: 2/17/2011 - Complete
Dates for Dinner reviews
She was the talented mind behind one of the most successful fashion lines in the world. He was the ruthless business man who acted like his job was Monopoly. What do they have in common? A past where she dated him for his money. And it's all coming back.
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 115 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 6/15/2011 - Published: 6/8/2011