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I'm a crazy and possible (definitely) insane and extremely stubborn writer. I have been writing on my first novel for the past six years now, and in those six years it has been totally remade and even the name has changed to now reflect that I don't know what the heck to call it anymore. The only thing I know for sure anymore is that it is about Demons so I guess that is something...

As a writer my friends say imma perfectionist, but in ever day life I'm pretty laid back and (I hope) fun to be around. I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy anything, and God of War (Kratos shall have his vengeance!) so I am an average nerd but in a good way (is that possible?)

My friends are all extremely cool, if one of them might be a little too obsessed with Rockband but at least I know some good music now (besides the Beatles!) and yeah they are all fun to hangout with and we can spend hours just hanging out playing games so yay! Nerds all around (Don't tell them that I said that).

On the flip side, I am a full time college student at Southwestern College out here in sunny (and somewhat chilly at the moment) California (where the seasons never change dangit!) trying to figure out what I'm even doing in college when all I want to do is write and be published. Don't care if I starve and not make a penny...I just wanna be able to see my book in Barnes and Noble and then I will die happy.

Other than that my life is pretty boring, I enjoy watching mindless T.V such as Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Bones, and CSI (oh did I say mindless?). And watching comedies and at times love stories when the mood strikes me. A final thing if any of you get this reference...Imma furry and I love werewolves! I go under the name of Logan Uru...would put a pic up as my profile but I can't draw so awww...

Anyways the stories that I am currently working on, both on this site and off are as follows:

Demonic Legacy:(Dark Fantasy/Fiction Adventure) A Prequel trilogy that follows a half demon named Dante, as he is ripped away from Earth into a parallel world and becomes the center-point of a rebellion against a Tyrant King. (Currently working) Probably will never see this on here

Demon Realms: (Dark Fantasy/Fiction Adventure) The follow up series to the prequel and it follows Dante as he journeys through the broken up parallel world of the Demons trying to find his way back to the kingdom that has become his own and save the woman that he just might love. (Hiatus) Another one that will not grace Fiction Press.

Kingdom Resort: (Mature Romance) A first for me thanks to the influence of a good friend and respected striving author DStone39. Author of Lucky No. 13 and the Untitled Lily Project to name a few. This story follows 4 seemingly unconnected people as they spend the summer at a tropical island resort. It is a time of change for all four of them as they try and battle their own personal demons and shortcomings and find a chance at love. (Currently Working on over what else this summer) First one to show on this site.

Chaos Magic: (Furry Fantasy Animated TV Series) This is a joint project between DStone39 and myself that we started this April for something called Script Frenzy or Screnzy where you write a hundred page script in the month of April. The story takes place in an alternate world called Alteria in which magic has since gone extinct after a battle hundreds of years ago destroyed all magic thanks to an entity named the Fifth Elemental. Now in present time (for the story) two of the main characters Logan Uru and Kayiel Storm accidentally trigger a spell that send everything back into the past before the war started and also changes humans into furries. Logan and Kayiel find themselves and two others the center-point of the new war that is brewing against the revived Fifth Element. Believe it or not that is the most unconfusing description I can think to give of this story. (Hiatus for now) Currently Fiction Press does not allow scripts to be uploaded to the site.

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