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Hello! I'm toothybeastie,. Hopefully if you're reading this it means you're at least mildly interested in my stories. Well, I shall not disappoint thee, gentle readers. I really enjoy writing stories, especially fantasy stories. I generally set everything I write in one of two universes I made up for the purpose of making stories and characters to go in them.

One, Pandraesa or Hollow Earth, is a secondary world (not Earth) with both magic and technology, as well as lots of weird creatures, cultures, conflicts between countries, and mysteries.

The other is a contemporary fantasy universe that takes all its cues from ancient mythologies, where gods, monsters, the fair folk, and lore-beasts live apart from theory, at least. It seems they tangle more than one might think.

I really love contemporary fantasy books, as well as unusual fantasy novels. Books/series I enjoy are:

-A Song of Ice and Fire, George RR Martin

-Harry Potter, JK Rowling

-The Dresden Files, Jim Butcher

-The Bas-Lag Cycle and Kraken, China Mieville

-Hellboy, Mike Mignola (comic books, but they totally count)

-The Spiderwick Chronicles, Holly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi

-Pretty much anything by Neil Gaiman

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