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As tempting as it is to leave this space blank, I just have an aversion to blank, empty, spaces. At first I thought I wanted to distance myself from what I've written on here. My complete novel, An Excellent Thief, has sexual content and profanity so over-the-top, it's embarrassing. No, I mean it's really embarrassing!

You see, I'm nothing like that, except in my twisted imagination. I'm a wife and mother, and go to church three times a week. I don't have or even like tattoos, nor do I drink, smoke, or swear at all, and the sex is definitely not autobiographical.

However, I do like to write real, flawed, characters. I like unexpected plots, and I love to look under the rocks of my stories and see what crawls out. I don't believe in most well accepted romantic notions. I don't believe a person can complete you. I don't believe in love at first sight. And I nearly puke at the notion of soul mates. A romantic man won't bring me flowers, he'll help with the dishes.

It has taken me a long time to get over my hunger for reviews. I used to think the number of reviews was an indication of how good a writer I was. But now I've seen a lot of bad or mediocre stories that have hundreds or thousands of reviews. That probably won't be me. I don't write to appeal to the masses, but to please myself. I want reviews that will tell me what I can do to improve, even if they're negative.

If someone doesn't enjoy what I've written, I would rather have their honest criticism. I will work to improve with con./crit. There's only one type of review I don't want to see, and those are the baffling ones who are upset because I'm not writing the story they want to read. I can only write what's in my own head. If you want to see a particular story, write your own. It's very satisfying.

One more thing. If you like my writing and you come here to find out about me, I'm also writing on I'm Corinne Tate there, and I write stories from "Twilight." (Hiding face in shame.) I'm not a die hard fan, I"m just having fun twisting Meyer's universe and toying with her readers.

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