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A Bit about Me And an Explanation

Hello Everyone!! My name is Gigi Goya, formally known as Lobsterdevil on this site. For some unknown reason Im unable to access my previous account and started this one. All of the stories on my other account are now abbandoned since I couldn't update them and for personal reasons. (Such as I re-read them and think that I didn't do the best I could) I also don't want to spread them all over fictionpress. So I'm back with a fresh outlook, a new name, and a new story. I hope you enjoy my writing, and if you don't please tell me why. I don't mean flame, I hate that. My story sucks, great, tell me why.

A Bit more...

I'm an artist, and freshly out of college. Sometimes I believe I'm the oldest person on this site, but that's neither here or there. I love lobsters, small boxes, art (duh), violent movies, and the color green. I'm strange, and straightforward and if you flame me expect a scathing remark if your not a coward and actually sign on to leave a review. I liked vampires before Twilight, and can't stand the books. I understand that others like them, but they're not my thing. I tried to read them with my niece and frankly my neice comes up with more interesting story lines. So please don't compare me with Stephanie Myer or Twilight. I have no interest in being better or the same as her.

About My Writing...

I write for Mature audiences. Meaning, if your offended by cursing, sex, and brutality. Don't read me. There is no theme other than Pedophilia that I wont write. I would say 16 is a good reading audience with me. (Look at my other stories under the dead profile: Lobsterdevil if you don't believe me) I tend to write supernatural because I can incorporate brutality and sex in them easily, but I will write other things. So if Supernatural isn't your thing, rest assured I can write other things. Except poetry, not good at that at all. So if you can, your my hero. I'm only writing on one story right now, but I intend to write some one-shots and short stories. So look for them.

Current Storys: A Better Summary since you only get so much space

The Donor Handbook: Amy has issues. Some are typical of your average teenager, but Amy's world is about to change. After a case of mistaken identity Amy has become a "Donor", or proffessional food for the undead. Amy's issues increase after obtaining her new "job". Her new job is hard enough, but when a new house guest waltz's into her life with some nasty things on his tail, and a vampiric political mess on her hands. Amy's life has become very complicated. Especially when that house guest has taken a more romantic interest in her. Is it too late to change carears?

Dead Beat Dad: Charlotte has a dead beat for a Father. Quite literally. He's a vampire who hasn't paid child support for years. Time is running out to get the money, and Charlotte isn't the type of girl that takes abbandonment well. So on a madcap search she ends up in the middle of a city that has the largest population of vampires in the world. With the help of a werewolf P.I. and a local playboy vampire, she stands a chance on finding him. As well as for falling in love with one or both of them. And its all her dead beat dad's fault.

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The Donor Handbook reviews
Met a vampire, got bit, then got a job offer as his "Donor". Or proffessional snack pack. I took him up on his offer, and now I have an annoying, womanizing vamp living with me who happens to be BF's with my boss. I'm going crazy. Is it too late to quit?
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Charlotte has a dead beat for a Father. Quite literally. He's a vampire who hasn't paid child support for years. In the search for her Father she's hired a werewolf P.I. and aquires a vampire roomate. If dealing with Daddy Issues wasn't enough, she's got a supernatural love triangle on her hands.
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,612 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 6 - Published: 1/4/2013
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