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Instructions for use:
1. Be nice.
2. Never show fear of my . . .rather strange patterns of behaviour.
3. Don’t tease my Padawan. I get *really* ticked at that. The trademark frying pan might get company by a light sabre then. *swoosh* *vroooom*
4. Don’t ask me about Anakin. Infamy like that requires a long, long friendship with me. Even then it’s a like walking on the edge of a knife. :o)
5. Be nice.
6. Be nice
7. Have a guess? Be nice. Authors need loads of love, or they’ll start getting depressed.
8. Always have a steaming cup of Assam tea with milk ready. Makes me relatively tame.
9. Scotland. Mention the word and watch my eyes get that far-away look. Land of my soul. You want to bribe me? Try something Scottish.
11. Hobbits. Let me say it with the words of my dear friend Quiller: „Mother hen gathering her chicks. *big grin*“ So what? They bring out every single motherly instinct embedded in my genes. And my love for them grows by the minute. Rather scary, actually. But it makes you feel so much at home. :o) (Recommendation: "Reniad" by Murron. EXTRAORDINARY story.)
12. Jedi. They need love. A lot of it. Jedi living in celibacy? Phshaw! Not in my world. I betcha if that was really true, that was the reason for their fall.
13. Things you may or may not need to know: A little too dreamy. A little unorganised. A little crazy. A little unbalanced. A little too much creative energy. A little too cheeky. A little too big a heart. And a high affinity towards “pathetic lifeforms”. :o)

One more thing: I know that I keep you waiting for too long for the new chapters of "Circle", but I really don't mean to. Translating a chapter takes me at least 4-5 days, it's a difficult process. Then there's Real life - not to be underestimated. I *do* have a life outside of writing, after all. And first and foremost: I'm right in the middle of my bar examination right now.
So please, please: Be patient with me. The next chapter will come. I promise. Circle is neither forgotten nor stalled, I am still writing on it, but I don't have the time to translate. If anyone would like to offer help, I'd gladly talk to you.
To explain the other stories: You might think that I'm simply too lazy. Let me assure you, that's NOT the case. But all the other stories apart from "Circle" are written in English from the start. Circle is the only one I'm writing in my native language and then translate, and thus needs time to grow and sound good in BOTH languages. This is a tricky task.
The LOTR stories just flow, I can't help them coming. They don't need that much time. But with "Circle" I have to live up to certain expectations, mostly to my own, which is tough. (don't laugh. :o) ) So, just to assure you: Circle isn't dead. It already has an ending! I just need to fill the gaps in between the ending and the place where the story is right now. But there are already 20 more pages waiting to be translated.
All after March 3rd, the day of my last exam.

This is the most important examination of my life, and I need to concentrate on that.
Here's to hoping you'll understand. Meanwhile: Look at Murron's and Baylor's and s1ncer1ty's stories. Look at Murron's and my stories (logged as Murron & eretria, ID 336916), or look at my website.
Just don't despair.
But law needs time. Please give it to me. And cross your fingers for me, because I need it badly.

kindest regards, eretria

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