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भो एकात्मा नमस्तुभ्यं सिद्धो ऽहं त्वत्प्रसादतः

पश्याम्यहं जगत्सर्वं न मां पश्यति कश्चन

Hail, One-spirit! Homage to thee!

I am Perfected by thy Purity --

For I myself see all the world,

. . . but nobody sees me.

I am not a poet; I am a scholar. My heart lies in my head and tongue and hands. I come from a part of the world as near the mountains as the sea, with plentiful rivers and dense forested areas. My love of nature is deep and abiding, but it grows alongside a strong foundation in sociocultural historical studies and an abiding love for oral-based epic literature (Old Testament included). I cannot say when I began writing stories, but I know I began creating languages and writing systems in about the sixth grade. Language has been a deep passion of mine, and I have been wont, on occasion, to create a purely theoretical grammar system out of thin air, in a moment of boredom.

This being said, I am no genius, and while taking solace in dear Toller's successes, I am nonetheless keenly aware of the gaps and blunders in my writing. My spelling, for instance, is far from standard. I have a tendency in out-of-story passages to revert to my own spelling system, which mixes British and American rules with such archaisms as supplanting Vs with Us. Moreover, I may occasionally mix in 'Elizabethanisms' (the proper use of 'thee' and 'thou') or Quakerspeak (the cuter but less useful way to use 'thee'). This is a carryover from my everyday speech patterns, and is not reflective of any desire for pomposity or pretence.

My main work is centred around a fantasy world, but the stories that comprise it are not typically fantastical, in the strictest sense. I tend to take the approach of letting the story determine its own stylistic elements. Several of my stories, for instance, read much like historical fiction -- with the obvious difference that the history in question sprouted out of my own noggin. Others fall under the category of High Fantasy, and others are quite Folksy. For this reason, I do not consider my writing as FANTASY, for it better falls under the larger umbrella category of SPECULATIVE FICTION (see TV Tropes).

Much of what I enter here is fragmentary in nature. I will order them chronologically, upon entry. I may also include my 'Storystarters' — the beginnings of independent tales, with incomplete endings or my few short stories (which, I will warn you in advance, are not). I may also submit bits of foreign language poetry, so please bear with, as some may be difficult to translate. However, if the language is not real, I will certainly translate.

Oh, and one more thing. This is a FanFiction site. And I am submitting work written around original, self-generated materials. This would be utterly contradictory, had not my world itself been fashioned around earlier story ideas arising from earlier FanFictions that gradually took on a life of their own. Many of these FanFictions are based around very unusual materials (the Kalevala, for instance, or the Mahabharata), but don't be startled if you see elements of more familiar stories (such as Beowulf, the Bible, or the Lord of the Rings).

Thank you for your patience, and please, enjoy!

Post scriptum.

Many of my Storystarters are labelled as "OPEN." Any persons wishing to expand upon these texts are strongly encouraged to do so — it is an honor to my work. I only ask that such persons let me know what they are doing, and share the results. If such an expansion is published, I ask only for a brief acknowledgement. I may even go so far as to expand on incomplete languages, as required.

However, the contents of my central Story, along with stories that lack this demarcation, remain off-limits.

Thank you for your consideration.

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