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Author has written 8 stories for Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror.

I'm Haradria. I like psychologically involved stories. I also love SciFi and Fantasy, although I don't write them very well. I write as a form of stress relief and amusement during especially boring class periods, and I tend to find myself with pages of written work that take me months to convert over to computer text. This is mostly because I'm lazy, but it's not all bad seeing as I can get a lot more out of having a rough draft or two then modifying it for my readers. Also, I've been getting over some serious writer's block for the last few months since getting back to school, and now that it's easing up I should have more work at the ready. As an ad, I'm looking for a betareader!

In order to avoid people from believing I have bias in my work, I figure I don't need to say much about myself. I'm female, and I'm in college. Every moral or idea I might portray as malicious or wonderful doesn't have to do with me, rather it has to do with the story. I'm not here to preach some idea I have, I'm only here to provide entertainment and excitement (if I'm lucky).

I have a number of uncompleted stories posted, and several of them haven't been updated in a while. In time, I touch on them all, depending on how I feel or what kind of story I'm down to write. I have stories of various moods and settings so I don't fall into too much of a rut. My short stories (Suits, Cleaning House) and Cassandra is Still Alive are all in the same world (with a few recurring characters). I wrote them all at least 6 months or more apart from each other, and only decided about 3 stories into using the same character base for Shaun that I'd try to make a continuous story, which was the purpose of Cassandra is Still Alive; my attempt to tie back characters into a later point in the line. So, I haven't gone back to rework all of the details and make all facts tie back correctly, but in a time line they would go somewhere along the lines of: Childish, Suits, Cleaning House, then Cassandra is Still Alive. Just a heads up, if you become interested in any one of those stories!

I enjoy reading other readers' works, so if you ask it of me or review my story, I'd love to read something of yours and tell you how it was. I know a lot of people appreciate getting their work critiqued, so it's the least I could do.

A quick note on The Demon in Her Mirror: I recently deleted my old version of it (which was what I considered an awful piece of work with little more than an experiment to see what people liked to read, which was sadly, a terrible story like that) and reposted a story with a similar concept but a darker twist in the same name. There's still a woman with a mirror that has supernatural properties, but I decided to add an effect of horror and bit more blood than before. Happy readings!

Update: I've just been struck by a new idea for the next story in my line of short stories. So, if you like them, the new one should be around at some point in the future, and hopefully soon. And I'm trying to pump out more writing since my family just set up a "who gets published first" competition, so lets see where this goes!

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Sara LeAnn Rose is an incredibly bored teenager who spends all her days imagining a more fantastic world, but it's not until she gets one that she realizes how far in over her head that she really is.
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Karen was poor and alone, so she took her chances living in a cheap room at an old mansion. Little did she know that the mirror on her wall presented regrettably desirable horrors that she could only hope to escape, or perhaps never escape at all.
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Pain, punishment, and death are all that Night can remember being normal in his young life. Put to work at a young age to become a weapon, he has developed a relentless desire to escape to the open air, and does everything he can to get there.
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"Those of the wastelands will die in the wastelands, those of the cities will tremble in fear, and those from both and yet from neither are those from whom you should steer clear."
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Kevin Gray is a normal man that runs into a very odd detective, madly after an assassin without a trail to be tracked. Ever since he arrived there's been a strange darkness growing in Kevin's life though, and he has to ask himself, "Who are you, really?"
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Cassandra was taken into a unheard of government project after being left alive by an insane murderer, but the care they have been giving her is less than caring. If she stays much longer she herself might become insane...
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I was sick of my family, absolutely sick. But he did something I really hadn't imagined, and made everything so insane, so confusing... and oh, so messy.
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Suits reviews
Shaun was a young prodigy, whose life was entirely governed by his wealthy father. He had everything he could possibly desire. However, it took him until one fateful party when he finally realized what he was supposed to be doing with his life...
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