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I write, therefore I am.

Yes, children, 'tis time to update the bio. THRILL at the amazing amount of nothing I have to say!

I'm 24, which means I'm too old to be doing any of this. Oh, well.

I write Pokemon fics, at least at this moment. In that fandom, Shipping (ie, the love between two characters, real or imagined) dominates many fics. A lot of people take it seriously--I just think it makes for good stories. In my humble opinion, Eldershipping (Professor Oak/ Mrs. Ketchum), Rocketshipping (Jesse/ James) and Pokeshipping (Ash/ Misty) lead to the best stories, but I'm open to ANY fic that shows thoughful character interaction, nice dialogue, and the whole nine.

I'm currently on hiatus while I figure out what the hell I'm going to do. If I ever get back to the writing life (and fear not, Once Upon a December will be finished, if nothing else will), you will definitely see Eldershipping, and it'll possibly be some sort of dark Eldershipping, though I've been known to come up with a goofy parody or two in my time. You'll see Rocketshipping sometimes (if I ever get back around to Cursum Perficio), and you'll see whatever moves me at the time. If you want the children and the capture of cute furry animals in every story... well, don't read me, because the chances of that happening very often are slim. If you flame me because of who gets together, you're an ignoramus and deserve to die. If you're an Eldershipper in any way, you ARE everything that is right with the world, and you should go over to my webpage, which has nothing but Eldershipping fan goodies.

Everyone on my faves list is incredibly leet and cool. Everyone who reviews them is also leet and cool. The Eldershipping Brigade is the leetest and coolest of all--bless you people for existing and putting up with my primadonnaness!

Leet, by the way, is short for "elite." Finally found out what it meant. w00t! ^_~

Well, that's enough of an update, I think. I'm nicer than I sound, I promise! See you in the webpage updates/ fics/ reviews...