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The average Reviews on a fanfic are ~300. Why should prospective fic.s be left behind? It's my mission to put out as many reviews as possible... to nurture the tree of knowledge that has books as leaves and is watered with reviews. To this end I will try and review stories with low chapter count and 0 reviews.

My Character Test:

Know what kind of person you character is!

Insert name here is walking down the street when Insert name here sees a homeless man sitting down with a hat in his lap looking for alms. Does Insert name here give money to him? Why or why not ? (Maybe Insert name here wants to but doesn't have money to spare!) If Insert name here does decide to give money to him, the hobo pulls out a gun as Insert name here draws close and demands Insert name here's wallet! Does Insert name here give it to him? How does he feel react to this? How does it incident affect if? (maybe it reinforces his philosophy that all humans are inherently evil and he resolves never to help anyone again!)