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Welcome to my profile! (:

So you are actually bored enough to read my profile then? (:

Well here are some mind-numbingly average facts about me:

I'm called Jennifer, or goes by the name of Jenny or Jen!

I am seventeen! (:

Originally from Manchester, England. But has now moved up to the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. (:

Dark brown hair.

My eyes change colour depending on my mood, fact!

I'm rather short (5ft) however, great things come in small packages and I like to think I am living proof of this (:

I am very blunt when it comes to telling my opinion, I say it as it is. The truth: it may hurt but we all need to hear it someday or the world would be out of cotton wool sometime soon! (:

I love music! All genres, name a song and it's almost certain I will like it!

Also, I write my own songs, not a great singer but I can't have everything: I still sing wherever and whenever I can (:

Music is the key!

My life motto: "Where ever our feet take us, We shall go" ~ Me (:

Everything happens for a reason, you have to take the good with the bad to see what life is really like because you have been lead down this path for a reason.

I am extremely crazy! However, you can't be old and wise if you have never been young and foolish.

My life isn't perfect, but it's mine and I love every second of it! (:

Read my story, it's my first one! (:

Be as harsh with the reviews as you like: how else am I going to learn from my mistakes? (:

Well done for reading this all the way to the end (: You deserve a cookie, however I'm greedy and like cookies myself so none for you! (:

Lots of love,

Jenny (: x