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What else is there to say about me? In my free time, I enjoy writing stories. The original story; Roman Identity, was first conceived several years ago. In high school I worked on the second story Domain of Power followed by the trilogy. However the original stories have been lost unfortunately because I saved it on a floppy disc that cracked badly. After a couple of years since I last wrote anything (besides for school) I decided to return to typing my stories again. Before I began redoing the original story, I decided it was best to give a back story of the events that took place ten years earlier which is how the Prologue came about. I already finished Roman Identity and recently the sequel of Domain of Power-The Dreamer. Because of the pace of the story I added a prelude to the first chapter to give the story a bit more of a background for new readers.

--Side Note--

Thanks for all those that took the time to read and rate my stories. I really appreciate the constructive criticism so I can continue to grow as a writer. I have tried to implement some of the suggestions that were brought to my attention. I have revised the first couple of chapters although I'm still revising as I go along. As always I appreciate feedback so please check out my stories and leave me a review. I try my best to return the favor.

Latest Updates:

-I'm sure I'll find something I'll want to change but for now I can confidently say editing is complete for Domain of Power. Of course needed grammatical and punctuation issues were fixed, but also fine-tuned the dialogue and overall plot for a smooth, descriptive read. Check out the revised story.

-Free Run for Before the Legend is officially over. As special courtesy it will be made available in full on Wattpad till Friday June 19th. However all good things must come to an end. Want to keep a copy of the full book to read whenever? Download your free Kindle copy today! (Sale ended June 16th 11:59pm CST)

- 6-1-15 New trailer for Chasing Blue. Check out the trailer here:

-Chapters 5-12 of Chasing Blue have already been updated as well as some of the later chapters. More to come.

-Officially done with edits for Roman Identity. Not too many major changes but still some noteworthy changes made. Check it out now.

Chapter 44: Part 2"Last Stand" the final chapter is now up. Troy sets out to find his friends in this heart-pounding 2-Part finale before it's too late. His next goal... stay alive!

-The sample of Before the Legend is now up. The revised (completed) version of Before the Legend is now up for sale in E-book and print format! Buy the print book here or Kindle version on Amazon here:

You can buy directly at my e-store link! -->

-E-book formats (ePub, Mobi, PDF and more!) now free on Smashwords!->

-New trailer out for "Before the Legend" out now!

Check out my blog on Wordpress giving you the scoop behind my works. Find out more about the characters and learn more about each of the books to the series. Get the latest updates on what I'm working on. It also includes tips I've discovered in my journey of writing and self-publishing. Follow now! ->

-Poll is still open! Please vote for your favorite story out of my story series starting from the Prologue through the Trilogy.

Part 2: Dark Saga- The countdown to the end begins!

Countdown to the end begins...

Chapter 40: "Landfall" now up! Blurb: The crew is about to make landfall but Troy is already having nagging doubts about the plan. Time is running out for Troy to make his final decision. Once they make landfall there is no turning back. However the crew is in for a surprise!

Chapter 41: "Persuasion" Now available! Blurb: Troy is separated from his crew as he goes out searching for Julius' family and the slave girl Cornelia. But for some it may already be too late! Everything he thought he knew about the plan is in for an unexpected change!

Chapter 42: "Invasion" is now up. Only two more chapters left before the grand finale. And things are only intensifying. Brace yourself for the emotional rollercoaster in this thriller!

Chapter 43: The 2nd to last chapter: "Insurgence" is now up. The stakes are higher. The drama and peril reaches a new intensity. Brace yourself...the rebellion ignites!

2-Part Finale

Chapter 44: Breaking Point is now out! A powerful quake rocks the island to its core, tipping the scales in favor of the rebellion. However things are more dangerous than ever before especially for Troy. But something even more volatile than the rebellion is brewing and the consequences will prove to be very deadly.

Chapter 45: Last Stand. The final chapter is now out! Synopsis: Something bigger than the Rebellion is brewing and it threatens to destroy everything and everyone on the island. Survival becomes the newest goal. But with the lives of his loved ones on the line, Troy's vows to protect them at all costs even if that means putting his own life in jeopardy.

*Before the Legend-The Prologue (Published)

*Roman Identity

*Domain of Power (book cover link)

*Chasing Blue-The Final Saga (Trilogy)

- Official book trailer out for Chasing Blue!-->

Here is the link to my current bookcover: "

-FYI my profile pic is my newest banner (possible book cover) for "Chasing Blue!" for a larger image you can view it at this link: ">

Extended summary: What if you committed the unthinkable act that you didn't even know you were capable of? For one boy it cost him everything and everyone he once cherished. Now suddenly he finds himself in the middle of the sea exploring the unknown world he was forbidden to see. All Troy wants now is a second chance to redemption; to start over from his old past as the third son of the king of Aegean. He embarks in an eventful journey to Rome in search of a new beginning. However when he finally arrives, things aren't as glorious as they once appear especially when the past comes knocking. When fate calls, Troy is faced with the biggest decision: to fight for everything he once lost. This is the climax; before it all falls down!

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