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Time to update again. To all of the people out who love all of the fics I used to write(Mostly humor), I'm not sure if I will ever write again. I have been having a big lack of motivation for writing recently. If I ever find my motivation for writing again, then I will write more fics. But until that time, I am nothing more than an ex-author. And for the people who don't know me, here is some of my information:

I am Demon King Piccolo aka Pikkoro-chan, and I am a Yaoi fan. Let me tell you a little about myself. I love to write humor, poetry, and horror. Although, I think I was destined to write humor, because no matter what I write about, people always thinks it's funny. *Sigh* My life's a joke to everyone...Anyway, let me tell you my favorite couples.

The Legend of Zelda:Link/Sheik, and Link/Mido.

Digimon:Hikari/Miyako, Yamato/Daisuke, Daisuke/Takeru, and Yamato/Jyou.

Dragonball Z:Goku/Vegeta, Vegeta/Yamcha, Vegeta/Krillin, and Piccolo/Gohan.

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