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Okay so what to say ... Well, I'm 26, female, and and a cashier at Lowe's (woo go me for landing the job of the century ... yeah just kidding). I'm a daughter, sister, lover, mother, and friend. I love love love to read (seriously ... one day my manager is going to dislocate my Kindle from my hand), and I also write my own stories (try to anyway), but I can never seem to find the inspiration to complete them. I figure if I put some on here and people like them, I'll finish them. We'll see how it goes.

I've written poetry for years and years but most of it is really personal and revealing stuff so I'm kind of afraid to show people. But this is a somewhat anonymous environment so I plan to post some of it here. I have been writing (read: trying to write) stories for about 5 years now but I can't seem to stick with just one thing.

I hope you like my stories and poems (and even if you don't I'll still keep writing because if I'm nothing I'm still a freaking writer, be it a good one or a bad one). Let me know what you think, whether you like my stuff or not. Actually, you should especially tell me if you don't like it. Obviously, I think my writings are pretty good or I wouldn't put them on here. But who am I to judge my own work? It's like trying to see something in the distance through the fog. So please please R&R. I'll try to return the favor.

I apologize ahead of time for what will most likely be a slaughtering of grammar. I warn you, although I am (er, used to be) a college student, I am not (was not) an English major (big fail on my part if you ask me).

Well, I guess that's all. If you want to know more just ask.

The book I'm working on now:

Cersia (the title will eventually change)

Set in the fantasy world of Cersia, Ellie Brimston finds out she is an immortal. Cast out of her home in Via, the only pure human city in Cersia, Ellie struggles to come to terms with her new identity. Along the way, she finds friends as well as enemies and embarks upon a strange quest. When it seems that the only way to solve her problems in the present is to face the past, we will find out how strong Ellie really is.

I am hoping that this book will turn into a series. I already have ideas tumbling around in my head for the second book. Here's to getting this one finished. As of right now, I am planning about 50-60 chapters (short chapters), though that is likely to change.

Cersia (the country, world, kingdom, island, I don't know what I'm supposed to call it, you get the idea): There is a short description of Cersia (kind of) in the prologue to the book of the same title. I would like to post a map of it on here at some point. There is so much going on in Cersia that I might write a whole bunch of books (or series) based in Cersia. I already have some ideas about that, too. We'll see how the first one goes. If you happen to read the book and find yourself more interested in Cersia and its inhabitants more than Ellie, I would be glad to put up a more thorough description or tell you anything about it that you want to know. I would have already done so, but first, I'm not sure anyone is interested, and second, a lot of the stuff I could say will be revealed in the book. As the moment, the prologue has been taken down for 'maintenance' but when i put it back up it will come with descriptions and a map.

One more thing: if any Beta Readers come across this book and find yourself interested, let me know. I would love to have someone help me make the story better.

Books that are currently on the back burner:


We live in dangerous times. In my world, those of importance require protection. That is where I come in. But when I lose my charge and she is replaced with a very unusual charge, my view of the world begins to change. Am I really on the right side?

This story - or should I say chapter - just came out of nowhere one day. I put a little bit of planning into it, but not much. Thank you Pandora's Muse for the review. Sadly, I won't be touching this one for a while, but I will pick it up again at some point.

Midnight Manor Finishing Academy

Khely has learned she is part of a race of superhumans called the Ahnya. She must go to finishing school to learn to master her new talents. As if that's not enough, she learns she is supposedly part of an ancient prophecy, which earns her many enemies.

Yeah, this story is a little cliche, the target of an ancient prophecy, someone great, yada, yada. But this story intrigues me, because the meaning of the prophecy is widely debated, so some see her as a threat, others see her as a savior, and we will only find out the true meaning of the prophecy in the end. Yeah, sounds cool, huh? I wish I knew how it ends, but I don't. And sadly, I won't for a while. I might pick it up when I'm done with Cersia. Maybe. And thank you GeekAcademy51 for your review. Sorry it won't be updated for a while.

Vamps (this title will probably change)

This is my vampire story (yay!!). Basically, vampires have taken over the earth and control the humans (not very nicely). I don't have a real summary for this story because I have absolutely no idea where I'm going with it. It is the only story I have started without an outline or at least some general idea of where it is going. So if you decide to read it, I would appreciate any ideas on where to go with it. Seriously, I have no idea, and I'm not sure I ever will. I was thinking of making it a tragic love story. Not a vampire and a human, but a human and another human, both slaves to the vampires. Plus, after reading the first chapter it's pretty obvious to me that Thomas is attracted to Katarina. He would probably have a fit if she fell in love with someone else. Hmmm. This story is probably on the burner the farthest from the front as it can get. I started it when I was totally addicted to vamp/were fiction like Twilight (and have to throw in here that I freaking hate those movies), Sookie Stackhouse novels, and Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels. So... yeah not sure this one is ever getting finished but enjoy the beginning if you like.

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