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Name: Jodie

Gender: Female

Loves: Pizza, strawberries, dark chocolate, ice-cream, South Park, deep-fried chicken wings, the computer, books, visual novels

Hates: Homophobia

Hobbies: Lurking around on Internet forums, reading, writing and drawing

Hi. I'm a Singaporean. I speak mostly in two languages: English and Chinese Mandarin. I'm supposed to be Hokkien, one of the Chinese dialects, but I only can listen to people talk in the dialect. 'Cause I feel weird talking in it. I write stories based on the US and the like though. I'm planning on writing one in Singaporean-style. :D In the future, that is.

Homophobes, please get off my profile right now. :)

I don't like boys with long hair. I never have, and I don't think I ever will. Whenever I read stories where the guy has long hair(either shoulder length or more), I shut out descriptions of his hair and imagine my own version of his hair. Same goes for boys with curly hair. There're so many wonderful stories on FictionPress featuring boys with curly/long hair, too. D:

I post updates regarding my stories on my Tumblr, such as word count and stuff.

I have a Blogger for random brothercest snippets, currently the posts are focused on two brothers I'm really attached to. I don't often post on it, though.


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Something you might like to know: I personally feel there just ain't enough brothercest stories out there, so I'm going to write as many as I can to make up for it. There also aren't really any supernatural/eerie ghost stories (that are actually eerie and are engulfed in a shroud of mystery) around, so I'ma making one.

My Current Stories:

All my stories are on-going at the moment, so I'll just make a brief/or-maybe-not-so-brief summary. :D

Happiness: This is basically high-school drama. Lots and lots of drama. Drama that's necessary to the plot. I guess I started this story because I got hooked on reading brothercest stories, but I just couldn't find one that I really wanted to read. Something that'd give me tons of drama. So I decided to start my own, but personally I feel it's not as good as I wanted it to be. I'm trying to improve, though. It’s my first time with this whole brothercest thing. Nico Walker detests his two brothers, Seth Walker and Jayden Walker. He thinks it's never going to end, all the bullying and physical abuse. But one day, when he happens to walk in on the two of them in an intense fight over Marissa Robinson, Seth's girlfriend (or currently his ex-girlfriend), things start to change. Big time. Warning: This story contains brothercest

Dark Desire: This is sort of a dramatic story. Sort of. It mostly consists of the darker elements of brothercest so in some ways, yeah, I guess you can say it should be rated M more than Happiness should. Happiness is mostly just teen stuff, but I added that M-rating to let the cussing go a bit. Dark Desire probably will have a lot more swearing, but it also has a lot of complications. Ashton Richardson isn’t quite sure when he started having this kind of attraction towards his identical twin, Justin Richardson. He’s pretty sure that he’s always been really fascinated with his twin, though. That dream he had also didn’t help matters. Warning: This story contains twincest/brothercest

Grey Zones: Relatively just about average. This is just a series of short or not-so-short one-shots that can be joined together chronologically to form a proper sequence and you can see the story from there. Some one-shots may be related to the other; some may not. The main characters are Dallas Winters and Chase Jeffrey. They’re still trying to figure each other out in their friendship, but soon, sparks will fly. Warning: This story contains male slash.

Blood Ties: Angst and family. There'll be quite some angst in the later chapters. There'll also be quite some fluff, so I guess it'd be pretty well-balanced. Love knows no boundaries...not even blood relations. Warning: This story contains brothercest, which some may not be comfortable with.

Avoiding Love: HET. Romance. Christmas parties have never been such a bad idea. Dylan’s been running away from any opportunity to fall in love, ever since she started to notice boys. Having read all sorts of news articles when she was young, she is painfully aware of the crazy things love makes one do – like killing oneself. Therefore, she is thoroughly convinced that love is like a nuclear bomb; destructive and not worth taking risks for. The last straw came when her cousin, Heather Clark, committed suicide over a boy she was supposedly ‘in love’ with – or rather, according to the counselor, ‘infatuated’ with – and she decides that she is going to avoid interacting with boys whenever she can. Not including her relatives, of course. And since Casey’s relatives are practically her relatives, she doesn’t have to count Jerry in…right? But love strikes at all the unexpected moments and pops up at all the wrong places, as Dylan Walkerton is about to find out.

REALLY, I won't ever drop any of my stories unless I say so explicitly, either here or in an author's note in my stories or something.

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SLASH/BROTHERCEST. Love knows no boundaries...not even blood relations. It is a battle between morals and integrity, with sanity as the mediator. In this game, unscrupulousness is the only way to win.
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SLASH. A collection of short one-shots posted in chronological order to make sense of the story. Fluffy stuff. Chase Jeffrey thinks Dallas Winters can be kind of a nut at times.
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HET. Christmas parties have never been such a bad idea. Dylan Walkerton has been running away from every opportunity to fall in love. But since Casey's relatives are practically her relatives, she doesn't have to count Jerry in...right?
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